Hyperion Services just launched an exclusive program called the Hyperion Black Card, the only service in the world that gives access to elite security services, previously only afforded by billionaires and the ultra-elite. But, now these services are available to you. Card levels start at $50k. Find out more by visiting Hyperion Black Card online.


Stafford, VA, February 21, 2020 – No matter where your travels might take you, Hyperion Black Card by Hyperion Services has got you covered. 

Protect what’s most precious. And, now, with Hyperion Black Card, you can.

We’re offering you the same protection that we offer to the world’s most-exclusive billionaires and ultra-elite. Because we believe that everyone deserves to protect themselves and their loved ones.

With Hyperion Black Card, you gain flexible access to the world’s most elite security operators, without the need for a long-term contract. You only use your credits as needed – and they never expire, offering unprecedented flexibility for those with occasional security needs.

Membership makes personal security effortless, by bringing you whatever level of protection that you need, from white-gloved executive protection to a full, armed security detail, from your home country to as far away as West Africa.

With Hyperion, we handle all of the details, from the major to the minute, so that you can continue business as usual, seamlessly, without disruption, while feeling 100% safe and secure every step of the way.

Hyperion services offers a wide range of coverage tiers to satisfy our every customer’s every need. And, we have security options to ensure our clients experience seamless travels all over the world.

Our client programs cover corporate and personal travel protection. And now, with our Hyperion Black Card services, we’re making our top-notch, high-quality security services and elite protection accessible where it was previously only afforded by billionaires or the ultra-wealthy. Have more confidence when you travel for business or with the people that you love most.

With your Hyperion Black Card, you’ll have an experienced and dedicated security advisor when you plan your travels.

Once afforded to only the most elite, today, Hyperion Black Card makes high caliber security services available to more people across the globe. Because, no matter who you are, your family should be treated with the same respect and offered the same protection, like royalty.

That’s why we created Hyperion Black Card.  Like you, we have families, too.

Make sure that you always travel safe and secure. Because that’s what our exclusive Black Card services are all about. Global protection that you can count on, any time, anywhere.

About Hyperion Services: Hyperion Services offers flexible security solutions and provides access to elite security teams that can support any mission within 24 hours, anywhere in the world.

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