common commercial HVAC problems

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You’ve probably heard of artificial intelligence (AI) in your industry. Did you know it’s used in HVAC systems, too? An emerging technology for HVAC, it’s showing promise in comfort as well as performance.

As exciting as that is, heating and air conditioning are still mechanical systems. Parts require maintenance and eventually wear out. Commercial units provide reliable performance or an extended period. Eventually, though, your system will need repair and eventual replacement.

Here are five common HVAC problems found in commercial systems. Any of them means you should call a technician.

1. Losing Efficiency

As systems wear out, HVAC systems lose efficiency. The unhappy result is rising monthly heating or cooling bills. The system is working harder to maintain the desired temperature.

This is one of the most common HVAC issues reported by commercial and residential customers alike.

If you’re surprised by an unexpected spike in your electric bill, it’s time to have your HVAC system checked by a technician.

2. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Another common HVAC problem is clogged air filters. HVAC systems have air filters that remove particles like dust, pollen, and other debris before they can enter your system.

This, in turn, means your system is moving cleaner air through your facility. If you notice more dust or overall poor air quality, it’s time to change your air filters.

You or your staff may be able to do this. If not, or if fresh air filters don’t correct the issue, call a service technician.

Also, your system also dehumidifies the air. If you notice that humidity is increasing, your system may need routine maintenance.

3. Banging, Clanging, and Other Unusual Noises

Modern HVAC systems run quietly. If your system begins making noises, or if the regular hum of the motor gets louder, then something is wrong. If the noise isn’t due to something simple like a loose access panel, a diagnostic is in order.

The repair could be as simple as lubricating moving parts. Other times, it’s more serious. Don’t put off calling in a tech. The result could be a complete HVAC failure. HVAC problem solving can become more costly the longer you put it off.

4. Loss of Cooling or Heating

Your cooling system requires refrigerant to work. If your system develops a leak, the system won’t cool as it should. Often recharging or refilling the liquid coolant is usually enough to correct the problem.

5. Lack of Routine Maintenance

Like any mechanical and electrical system, your HVAC system needs regular, preventive maintenance. Preventative maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs. It also increases the efficiency of your system and extends its life.

Most HVAC problems are due to negligence, meaning a lack of maintenance. Even the ones mentioned here like replacing air filters and lubricating parts go a long way to extending the life of your HVAC.

In short, routine maintenance is crucial. When needed, technicians will perform diagnostic tests. Troubleshooting HVAC systems finds malfunctions before they turn into serious problems.

When Common HVAC Problems Occur

HVAC technicians can correct common HVAC problems with routine maintenance. When needed, they can troubleshoot and repair more complex issues.

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