Hunting Giant, a trusted supplier of hunting e-bikes and equipment, carries the best-selling Bakcou Mule Hunting Bike. This e-bike can handle any terrain it encounters thanks to Bakcou’s unique ultra engine combined with a high-performance metal gearbox. Hunting Giant’s mission is to provide customers with the most reliable and effective hunting gear at affordable prices. They carry top brands of bows, crossbows, fishing boats, and accessories. With over a decade of experience, Hunting Giant offers top expertise and unmatched quality. Learn more at


SHERIDAN, WY — July 24, 2020 — The Bakcou Mule Hunting Bike has been the No. 1 best-seller for two years straight and you can order one online from Hunting Giant.

The Bakcou Mule is an e-bike designed to conquer anything in the wild—mud, sand, water, or rugged terrain—and it’s powerful enough for you to pack most animals and get home quickly. 

“What makes the Mule so popular is its unique ultra engine,” said Kristina Walsh, spokesperson for Hunting Giant. “It’s known as a ‘smart motor’ because of the intelligence of its integrated torque sensors combined with a high-performance metal gearbox. This engine is the most powerful in its class.”

Hunting Giant also offers Bakcou’s other popular e-bike lines: Storm and Flatlander. 

The Bakcou Storm is known for handling rocky climbs and steep descents with enough power to pull a trailer. If most of your hunting is done on flat terrain, then the Bakcou Flatlander is the best choice. Each of these models are outfitted with Bakcou’s ultra engine. 

Besides offering the best hunting e-bikes on the market, Hunting Giant also lists top brands in hunting gear like bows, crossbows, fishing boats, and accessories.

The company’s mission is to provide effective hunting gear that is reliable and affordable. Hunting Giant team members verify that every piece of equipment is perfectly designed before selling it to customers.  

“We treat our employees and customers like family,” said Walsh. “With over a decade of experience, Hunting Giants offers top expertise and unmatched quality. Our success has been based on excellent customer service, our wealth of knowledge, and maintaining a strong organization.”

Visit to browse their inventory of Bakcou bikes and hunting gear. The Hunting Giant blog is also a useful resource for customers wanting to learn more about bows or e-bikes.

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