Hue Home Lighting has compiled a list of the top 14 apps for smart lights, based on efficiency and customer feedback. The smart home lighting blog and community brings together home and garden lighting enthusiasts who share their experiences, tips, and tricks to maximize hue lights. For more information, click here.


United Kingdom, 24 January 2021 — Hue Home Lighting is a website dedicated to educating smart lighting enthusiasts about the latest products in the home and garden lighting sector. Through their blog, they have compiled a list of fourteen of the Best Hue Apps in 2022. These apps are compatible with Android and iOS and offer exciting features that make operating Hue lights hassle-free.

Smart lights have several advantages. For one, they are easy to operate because a user can turn the lights on and off remotely using an app. Users with light sensitivity can dim the lights to their liking too. Furthermore, smart LED lights consume less electricity because they produce minimal heat and are dimmable. All these benefits, coupled with the availability of many apps to customize the lights make modern home lighting exciting.

“The great thing about smart lighting systems is the number of apps you can use that help unlock maximize the use of your lights. There are a lot of hue apps for Android and Apple iOS, from simple apps for creating scenes, flashing your lights to the beat and sound of music, etc. We have rounded up top smart lighting by Hue apps. Many are free, some are paid or have free and paid features you pay to unlock,” explained Mike Ford, founder and editor at Hue Home Lighting.

Some of their top picks include hueDynamic, IconnectHue and HueDisco. The first two are excellent for creating different lighting and ambience in the house, while HueDisco is a favourite for music lovers who want their musical experience graced by mood setting lights. Other notable entries include Ambee, Huemote, OnSwitch, Lightbow, Scintillator, Hue Hello, All4Hue, Hue Body, Soul and Mindfulness, Hue Switcher and Hue Thunder.

Smart lighting has revolutionized lighting in homes, businesses and gardens. Users can customize the settings to suit their preferences and the activities going on. For example, a user can create a relaxing light for school kids doing their homework, create romantic lighting when having a date night or create disco lights when having friends over.

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About Hue Home Lighting: Hue Home Lighting is a blog and website focused on smart lighting for the home and garden. Founded by a smart light enthusiast and a DIY expert, the blog offers valuable knowledge and resources to help users maximize their smart lights. It offers product reviews, buying guides, lighting ideas, products such as bulb while they deals with the latest news on smart lighting and how-to guides.

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