Malaysia, 21 September 2021 — The primary goal of SME is revenue growth. Once this is accomplished, the international market should be the next target. Entrepreneurs frequently foresee offshore markets in order to gain new market opportunities, attract more customers and become more competitive in their industry. Global expansion tends to mean greater profits, relatively strong brand recognition and as a result, business survival in a long period. However, expanding a business in a foreign country that is completely different from your domestic market comes with its own set of issues and uncertainties.

But no worries, SEO and keyword research are here to help you! When it comes to expanding your eCommerce business into international markets, it is critical to concentrate on SEO and effective keyword research.

Global SEO refers specifically to growing your business from a local presence to international markets and attempting customers in these regions through the use of SEO tools and strategies. E-commerce, medical practises, automotive, estate development, travel, technology and industrial part manufacturing industries are among the industries that report getting numerous advantages from SEO (especially when expanding internationally). SEO is often a way to optimize your website’s visibility for searchers in various countries.

How To Create An International SEO Strategy

Tip 1 – Choose the nations and regions in which your business wishes to be optimised

Options like Ahrefs’ site can assist in analyzing your international competitors’ website in order to gain a greater understanding of the regions that provide the greatest traffic to them. Another alternative is to use Alexa’s site overview tool and see which countries drive the most traffic to a specific website (such as your competitor’s). can also be a helpful tool for evaluating a user’s search intent as well as their pain concerns.

Tip 2 – Prepare keyword-rich information in your target country’s local language

The first thing to keep in mind is that Google shows search results based on the language and geography region of the searcher. Hence it’s essential that the information on your website demonstrates these values. To aid you identify the languages your potential clients use, check the language report in Google Analytics. This will help you in trying to identify the countries and regions you want to target on a worldwide scale. Once you’ve identified your target nations, you’ll need to make an initial initiative to either adapt your website content into the corresponding country’s primary language or build different websites as parts of your overall strategy. However, bear in mind that keywords that perform well in your own country may not necessarily perform well in other regions. Likewise, a keyword that receives just moderate attention in your country may obtain extremely high global search volumes. As a conclusion, it’s not just a matter of translating keywords into various languages and optimising the website. It’s essential to identify your target market and also the most popular keywords (within your selected specialty) in that area, so you can optimise your online content for them. This is achieved by filtering terms by nation or by utilising a keyword that is aligned with the search intent and the searcher’s local language. For global keyword research, you can try Ubersuggest or Google Keyword Planner. Google Insights is especially helpful for analyzing search industry trends for specific keywords. It can aid in determining market trends as well as potential business possibilities.

Tip 3 – Utilise URL architectures that are SEO friendly on a global basis

Bear in mind the importance of having an international-friendly URL structure. This may include the use of a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) as well as subdomains. Using hreflang variables to update Google and other search engines about the language of your site is an example of language targeting.

Tip 4 – It is not suggested to use a subdomain for international SEO

Although it is possible to utilise a subdomain according to each country, it is not recommended since international signals are less authoritative than having a domain for each country. There is a common belief that Google considers a subdomain as a separate domain which may end up diluting the root domain’s authority.

Tip 5 – Other geo-targeting signals should be included

Among all the other geo-targeting signals are:

#1 Using famous local social media platforms to post links to your website

#2 Price is set in native currencies

#3 Adding contact information for local offices, such as phone numbers and addresses

Tip 6 – On-page and Off-page SEO Optimization

When looking at expanding outside of your very own nation, bear in mind that some of these terms might not be as widely known in other countries. Different variants and entities may have a higher possibility of ranking in a different country than in your own. Similarly, you can’t overlook links when it comes to off-page efforts. Some link building strategies for your international market could include:

#1 Become a member of a local organisation in the target country for link acquisition

#2 Creating high-quality blog posts or videos on connected topics

#3 Approaching local media, bloggers and influencers

#4 Share on social media platforms with a local focus

In a nutshell, it’s not easy to expand your business to international markets. There are numerous elements at play that must be carefully considered and this is where working with a reliable SEO firm helps!

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