Learning how to stop binge eating can be difficult. When someone suffers from binge eating, they often consume exceptionally large amounts of food. Even when they feel full, it may seem impossible for them to stop eating. By learning how to stop binge eating disorder at a binge eating disorder treatment center in North Carolina, individuals can start living a healthier lifestyle.

What Is Binge Eating?

Binge eating is a kind of eating disorder. While everyone overeats from time to time, people who overeat all of the time have a disorder. They may feel like a compulsion makes them continue to overeat. It may also feel impossible to control the urge to binge eat.

While some of the people who suffer from binge eating are obese or overweight, this is not true for everyone. People who have this disorder may eat unusually large amounts of food in a short amount of time. They may eat when they are uncomfortably full or not hungry. The individual may also eat alone or in secret. Afterward, they may feel upset, depressed, disgusted, or ashamed about their eating habits.

How to Stop Binge Eating

Once someone realizes they suffer from this disorder, the next step is figuring out how to stop binge eating. To begin with, clients should stop dieting or skipping meals. If their body feels too hungry from being on a diet, it can make them more likely to overeat later on.

Some people also find success with mindfulness meditation. By living in the present moment, individuals are able to gain control of their eating habits and pay attention to what they are doing. Instead of feeling a desire to overeat, they are able to enjoy each bite of the food they do eat.

At a treatment center, there are therapy options that can help. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps people cope with negative feelings about binge eating. CBT also gives the individual more control over their eating habits.

Meanwhile, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) helps clients learn better ways to handle stress and regulate their emotions. It also helps clients improve their relationships with other people. Interpersonal psychotherapy can also help with relationships by improving the individual’s interpersonal skills. This may help people reduce overeating episodes that happen because of relationship issues.

Getting Help for Eating Disorders

Finding out how to stop binge eating disorder is only one step in the treatment process. Once someone knows how to stop binge eating, they still need to learn healthy behaviors to replace their old habits. At a treatment center, clients can learn more about how to achieve physical and mental wellness.

At the best binge eating disorder treatment center North Carolina offers, clients can learn about options such as:

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