Malaysia, November 30, 2021— Do you know how it feels to be standing on one of Malaysia’s beautiful golden beaches while the sand moves beneath your feet? SEO is similar in that it is a dynamic landscape that is constantly changing. It is constantly altering. Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving, which means the SEO game is constantly changing as well.

Since a website is such a large investment, it’s critical to make sure that it serves as the primary source of information for your industry and customers. This is true everywhere, but if you’re wanting to increase your site’s traffic in Malaysia, here are our top 4 suggestions for staying on top of the SEO game in Malaysia.

Get a head start on your competitors

Despite our relatively tiny population, Malaysia SEO sector continues to thrive. In recent years, the number of digital agency has skyrocketed, and it continues to grow as more businesses look to skilled organizations to optimize their search results. If you’re a new business owner in Malaysia, this means you’ll be up against companies who have already spent years building their authority and optimizing their websites.

To stay ahead of the competition, you must keep your website and SEO strategy up to date at all times. So either prepare yourself for the long road ahead or work with a team of experts from a reputable local SEO and Web design firm.

Have a domain

If you’re the owner of a true blue Malaysian small business with a Malaysian target audience, possessing domain is one easy feature that can help you stay on top of Malaysia’s SEO game.

A country code top-level domain is recommended by Google’s webmaster guidelines (ccTLD). If your domain name merely ends, Google will have a hard time ranking you for local searches; but, if your domain ends, Google will be able to figure out where your business is located. Because Australian clients recognize it and know where to seek for it, domain name is a symbol of confidence for your website.

Although it may seem obvious, many Malaysian businesses rather because they believe it makes them appear larger or more distinguished.

Refresh your content often

Yes, we know it’s been stated before, but an alarming number of Malaysia businesses appear to have adopted a “set and forget” approach to their websites. You’re not doing yourself any SEO favours if you don’t add new content on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Adding new content to your website, such as videos and blogs, encourages search engines to visit it more regularly, and the more often they visit, the faster they’ll discover your new stuff.

Many facets of content strategy are being redefined by the ever-changing technological world, but SEO remains king at the end of the day. If you want to stay on top of Malaysia’s SEO game, you must maintain your strategy up to date. If you choose to outsource your SEO, make sure you work with a team of specialists who have a track record of success. We live and breathe website building and search engine optimization at Broadcast SEO, and our team of specialists is ready to assist you. Check out some of our work here, or get in touch with us to learn more about our affordable services.

Optimize your site for Google RankBrain

Google RankBrain is a machine-learning-based artificial intelligence programme that processes search results and returns more relevant information for searches. In a word, it assesses how you engage with the first-page results. Needless to say, the more satisfied Google users you make, the higher your ranking. Launched in 2015, RankBrain is currently one of Google’s top three ranking signals, so optimize your site for it if you want to move ahead in the competition for rankings and visitors.

Writing in natural language and providing information that is useful to your potential searchers is the key to optimizing for RankBrain. You’re on the right track if your material sounds conversational.

Because RankBrain has switched the focus from keywords to subjects, it’s also a good idea to make sure you grasp your audience’s search intent. Try looking for some of your key search terms and seeing what comes up on the first page of results; then use this knowledge to tailor your content or create a new blog with a headline that captures the spirit of the search intent.

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