How to rack up points on your credit card fast

Points on your credit cards translate to real-life goodies you don’t have to pay taxes on which makes learning how to rack up points very appealing.

If you have a points goal, it may not seem like you can get to it fast enough. The good news is we can help you make the most of your card and show you how to earn points as fast as possible.

Continue reading to learn how to rack up credit card points quickly.

The 101 on How to Rack Up Points

Racking up points is fun on its own and it’s even better when your points add up and you’re able to get or do something amazing. Finding the best rewards credit cards is part of getting things started but then you need to use these tips to get the most out of them.


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1. Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses can be quite high. While Americans don’t rely on credit cards as much for day-to-day purchases, they are very helpful for racking up rewards.

There are always rules about what you have to do to get the welcome bonuses. The most common thing you have to do to get the best rewards is spending a certain amount of money within a certain time period.

The higher the bonus, the higher the beginning spend requirement for your card. Make sure you’re going to spend the money within the time limit or there is no use in going for the bonus.

Some of the bonuses are very impressive so make sure you pay attention to the time limits and terms before you get the card. If you aren’t going to be spending a lot of money for a couple of months, it might be best to hold out until you’re going to be making some big purchases.

2. Strategic Spending

Most rewards cards reward you in a specific area. One might be a travel card, the other might be for great eats.

Whatever category the card rewards you, you should focus on using it in this area. Have other cards that reward you for the other areas of purchases and use them accordingly.


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3. Authorized User Bonus

Some cards give you a reward if you add an authorized user and get them to make a purchase within a certain time period as well. Make sure you trust the person and aren’t just adding them to get the bonus or this could go wrong very quickly.

The authorized user is allowed to use your credit card account the same way you are. The difference is that they aren’t legally required to pay back the charges on your account so make sure you choose wisely.

Want to Get Another Great Rewards Credit Card?

Now that you know more about how to rack up points, you may be wondering what credit card you should get next. The need for one thing or the other can pop up out of nowhere but we have the resources to help you.

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