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About a year ago I was researching how some of the biggest publishing sites online were getting links and ranking.

This started with Nerdwallet – one site that absolutely dominates the finance niche.

Nerdwallet ranks for everything from credit cards to loans, driving over 11 MILLION visitors per month with organic traffic and a reported over $100 Million a year in revenue…


The New Strategy

One of the interesting strategies that I noticed is that they were getting links from all sorts of news sites.

But it was strange, these weren’t normal news citations from a story, they almost always said they were already published somewhere else like this:


They essentially were just taking content they already had published, and distributing it on tons of high authority news sites… with links and CTAs back to their site!

Other times, they would distribute original content and just link back to their site like this:


Here’s an example link if you wanna check it out.

Playing With The Big Dogs

But Nerdwallet wasn’t the only company doing this….

I saw TV Guide, Value Penguin, The Penny Hoarder, and other huge publishers all using content syndication as a strategy to reach a wider audience.

Even Moz has a whiteboard Friday about the positives of content syndication…

The Big Problem

The problem is, getting access to distribute your content is not easy.

Unless you can navigate the complicated world of PR and publishing, you’ll find it very complicated to get access, especially if you aren’t a big name brand.

But that’s why you have us.

You see for the last year we’ve been negotiating deals to make this happen for you… and now it’s here.

HOTH Syndication allows you to syndicate your content on the same sites as the big players…. for a fraction of the price.

When you syndicate your content, you’ll get your content and links published to over 50+ real, high DA authority news sites.

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