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When you, a friend, or family member are arrested, it can bring up a lot of emotion and panic. Legal proceedings can be confusing, particularly if you haven’t interacted with the legal system before or aren’t working with an attorney who can help guide you through the situation.


In order to navigate the legal process from the comfort of your own home and get out of jail after an arrest, you need to understand the bail process. Understanding the bail process can help you feel more comfortable making and posting bail. Bail is one of the first things you’ll need to consider after you or a loved one are arrested. Here’s how to post bail after an arrest.

Wait For The Booking Process Or Arraignment To Complete

After an arrest, the booking process is completed to put someone in jail and establish the bail schedule. When someone needs to go before a judge for bail to be established, the defendant has to wait for their arraignment or special hearing. The judge will then determine the amount and parameters of your bail and release. Once your bail amount has been established, you can post bail and be released after agreeing to return for any future hearings or legal proceedings.

Determine How You Will Pay Bail

There are a few different options for making bail in order to be temporarily released after an arrest. You can pay the full amount of bail with either cash or a check given to the court. You can also offer payment in the form of property as collateral to cover the bail amount. Depending on the property used to pay bail, the court may hold the item physically in their possession or hold onto the legal documents, like a deed, in trust. If you don’t have the ready cash or property to offer as collateral, you can work with a bail bond company to meet your bail and be released.

How Bail Bonds Work

The bail bonds process can seem confusing if you’ve never navigated it before. Bail bonds offer a third alternative to meeting your bail if you don’t have the cash or collateral needed to satisfy your bail amount with the court. A bail bond company works with you to accumulate the funds and/or property to post bail. The bail bond company holds the collateral and provides the funds for bail to the court. Your bondsman will use the collateral to pay the courts if you do not appear for court appearances. Once your legal proceedings have been completed, your bail bond is exonerated and you receive legal possession of your collateral back minus any fees owed to your bail bondsman.


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