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Fortnite is one of the most popular games of the moment and is rapidly taking the stage in eSports. More and more tournaments are organized and more and more pro start playing Fortnite. If you’ve never played the Epic Games game and want to start this is the place for you. In this article we will tell you how to start playing Fortnite.

1.You can’t bring anything from spawn Island

It is useless for you to worry about collecting weapons and items on Spawn Island because you won’t be able to take them with you to Fortnite Island anyway. You will only see them items and other players but you can’t do much. You just have to wait. Shooting opponents will also not kill or injure anyone. That’s just the waiting place before the real game begins.

2. Wait before you jump off the bus

Don’t jump off the bus right away. Wait. Many players jumped as soon as possible, don’t be like them. It is important to wait until the end. Get off at the last moment. Why? Because then you will start with few opponents close and then you will have time to collect weapons, items and potions without having to fight for survival. On the other hand, if you go down with everyone else you will be immediately in danger and you could be immediately killed by someone more experienced than you. Another thing, when you throw yourself, aim for a building. There is a better chance of finding a chest and valuable items in a house.

3. Start with the small potions

One of the most common beginner mistakes is drinking large potions. Instead you don’t have to. In the map you will find small and large shield potions. They are blue in color. The small ones offer 25 shields, the large 50 shield. Once you reach 50 shields, you can no longer take the small potions and therefore they only occupy one place in your inventory unnecessarily. So remember first drink the small shield potions and then the large ones. In fact, the big ones you can always drink even when you already have 50 shields.

4. Use Rifles and Submachine guns

A very important rule, when you start playing Fortnite we recommend that you use rifles and SMGs. Snipers are useless from close range. So when you are in close combat never use long range rifles but use machine guns. Another important thing, the rifles do a lot of damage, especially in a close fight they allow you to kill the enemy at the first shot, so always keep one ready to use because it could be essential for your survival.

5. Pay attention to the rarity of the items

Remember that the rarer an item, the stronger it is. So ALWAYS get rare items. Gray objects are the common ones, then there are green ones, blue ones, purple ones and finally gold ones. If you find a gold item you must ALWAYS get it. Use your controller to check what damage your weapons are doing and always take the strongest one. Remember that whoever has the rarest and therefore the strongest weapon usually wins games in Fortnite.

6. Use headphones

Make sure you play with good headphones as it could be crucial to your survival. Noises from opponents are very important. Understanding where the enemy is before he attacks you is a critical point, because it allows you to prepare before his attack. Or understanding where the enemy is and attacking him by surprise is an important advantage. Always be aware of noises during the game.

7 Protect yourself when you heal

One key thing, when you take a potion to heal yourself you can’t do anything for almost 10 seconds. Potions take a long time to work so you need to protect yourself. How to do it? Build a nice wall. If you know you need to take a potion first build a nice wall so when you get the potion you can hide behind the wall. Drinking a potion outdoors is an invitation to the enemy to kill you. A wall will provide you with cover to get the potions you need.

8. Attack from above

As in many games, attacking your opponent from a higher level offers you many advantages. So try to hit your opponent from above. My suggestion is to build yourself 4 walls and a staircase leading upstairs. From there attack your enemy, if you have to reload the weapon, you can go downstairs, defended by the 4 walls and then when the weapon is ready again, go back upstairs to finish the work.

9. Use potions

How many games do you wait before consuming the potions because you think they will come in handy later and then the game ends when you are full of potions? Well in Fortnite you don’t have to make the same mistake. A potion used at the right time could be the difference between losing and winning the game. So when you need to use potions. Remember, take the smaller ones first but use them because they don’t get a bonus if the game ends and you still have many in your inventory

10 The Battle Pass gives you advantages

It is useless to hide it, the Fortnite Battle Pass allows you to have advantages over your opponents. With the Battle Pass you can unlock Skins and above all important items to win games, so you should do it if your goal is to win. The Battle Pass costs 950 V-bucks then to unlock the benefits you just need to complete the required missions to have all the items available.