Plan the Pre-Christmas Break

A pre-Christmas break should be at the very top of your Christmas list.

Even with all of Christmas’ glitter and glee, this holiday is undoubtedly a high-tension time of year filled with crowded stores, stretched budgets and busy roadways. My recommendation? Take some time for yourself before you give it to others. Even if you only manage to get away for a few days, a bit of quiet time is the perfect way to refresh before the biggest holiday of the year.

Considering that I just saw my first Christmas commercial, it’s fair to assume that Christmas is fast approaching whether we’re ready or not. Soon, you won’t be able to escape that there are seven weeks, or perhaps just under by the time you’re reading this, until Christmas day.

Before starting your list of gifts to buy others, how about planning a personal gift to yourself? We’ll show you how to squeeze in a quick getaway for an extra boost of holiday cheer!

How to Plan The Pre-Christmas Break You Didn't Know You Needed | Before starting your Christmas list, how about planning a gift for yourself? We'll show you how to squeeze in a quick getaway for a boost of holiday cheer. via @aweinclusive

Keeping It Cheap & Cheerful

First things first, a pre-Christmas trip should be cheap and cheerful. The last thing you want is to spend so much money on a break, that you stress out your bank account. To keep it cheap and cheerful, you have two options. You can either vacay for a short amount of time or you can compromise on some of the typical trip comforts like mode of transportation or lodging.

A few things to consider as you’re planning: Local cities can offer a similar experience to a faraway vacation including a different way of life, unusual attractions, and unique lodging. Don’t overlook exploring new places in your own backyard. Transportation – especially the further away you go – is likely to be the most expensive part of your trip. By considering other modes of transportation, like the bus, you can shave tons of cost off your trip. The location where you will store your luggage and get a good night’s sleep is also a major travel cost. If you’re open to hostels or Airbnbs, you can save quite a chunk of change on this necessary expense.

Last Minute Might Be Better

Last minute reservations can often get you the better deal. If you’re going to a large city, you will have more flexibility while booking accommodations.

Remember, this pre-Christmas break doesn’t mean you’re traveling hundreds of miles from home. All you need to do is look for a location where you know you’re going to be at peace. It could be in the countryside somewhere far away from anything that’s going to bother you, or your happy place might be a city where you’re surrounded by plenty of food and drink.

Choose a travel location and watch the lodging prices closely. Remember to clear your webpage cookies so that you’re always getting the best rate. Luckily, hotels allow you to book in advance and cancel days before the trip with no penalty. This allows you to have a set backup location, while you shop around for lower prices.

How to Plan The Pre-Christmas Break You Didn't Know You Needed | Before starting your Christmas list, how about planning a gift for yourself? We'll show you how to squeeze in a quick getaway for a boost of holiday cheer. via @aweinclusive

Keeping The Tradition Going

This idea is going to be something you fall in love with. It’s easy to imagine how impactful it is to get away when your mind is so jumbled with holiday humdrum. A reset is always beneficial, and especially when the Christmas season comes around.

One thing you could think about is looking at vacation rentals of your own to have. Now this is an idea that would turn into an investment because when you’re not using the rental, you could rent it out to other people and make a fortune. It’s a little idea to leave you with, because the thought of having your own holiday home is something that may have crossed your mind before.

Refreshing Your Mind

A few years ago, I went on a silent retreat and it changed my life. I didn’t know the power of taking everything off your plate and just living for the moment until the retreat created that environment for me.

The retreat took place on a secluded site. Phones, books and other forms of communication were banned. We couldn’t even talk to one another! Participants spent their days meditating and spending time with ourselves among the expansive gardens. The way the stress disappeared was unlike anything else I’d ever experienced.

Since that time, I’ve worked to recreate quiet times in my life where I put away all forms of communication and spend time with myself. During your trip, plan some time to spend with yourself. A vacation doesn’t have to include running from attraction to attraction. It’s okay to just spend a weekend locked in a room with your books and hot chocolate.

A pre-Christmas break is the time to do exactly what you want before you give your time to those you love. If you can pull it off, I’m sure it’ll become a tradition for years to come!