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How to Optimize YouTube Ads: The Guide You Need

Youtube has more than 2 billion unique visits every month, and according to Youtube’s CEO, that number is ever increasing. And even more, people are using Youtube as a means of entertainment. Without a doubt, Youtube is a platform that businesses need to utilize to grow.

That is why most companies use ads on Youtube to reach a more substantial amount of potential customers. But it’s not enough to have an advertisement on Youtube, as there are many factors involved. You need to learn how to optimize youtube ads to reach your target audience effectively.

Today we will show you how the best Youtube ads get to the top by optimizing their ads.

What Does Youtube Offer?

Since Google acquired Youtube back in 2006, Google has implemented many vital features that google ads offer on Youtube. And now, Youtube offers different forms of ads, which are the following:

  •    Overlays and banners
  •    Non-skippable in-stream ads
  •    Video discovery ads
  •    Skippable in-stream ads

They all work differently, so carefully choose what you think will more effectively reach your target audience. Once you select the best one, you can have a digital marketing company, start an ad campaign, or do it yourself. And after you retrieve the necessary information (Cost per view, View rate, and Click-through rate), you can determine how to optimize your Youtube ads.

How to Optimize YouTube Ads

After your ads run for at least two weeks, you can better understand your campaign’s overall health and decide what needs to be improved. Of course, this is a lot easier when you use a reputable digital marketing team. They know how to optimize Youtube ads as they have all the necessary tools.

Optimize View Rate

The view rate is the number of people who watched your ad or clicked a call to action overlay on it. To be counted as a view, people must have seen the advertisement for at least 30 seconds or finish seeing the whole video. Of course, impressions or the number of times your ad appeared influences the number of views.

Optimizing the view rate is crucial to get your brand or product known. So how can you do it?

  • Refine the Ad

The best youtube ads usually last 30 seconds. So as a general rule, having a shorter ad will have a higher view rate. If you can say the same thing in 30 seconds, think about shortening your video ad for a more significant result.

  • Tweak the Title

Just as google ads utilize SEO, so does Youtube. So changing your title to use keywords related to your product can significantly impact the view rate. That is why SEO is essential even when it’s about Youtube ads.

  • Polish Your Target

In digital marketing, a target refers to potential customers that may be interested in what you offer. If you’re reaching the wrong target audience, you’ll likely notice that more people are skipping your ads than you would like. So be sure to research the demographic groups, interests, and remarketing lists of your target.

Youtube makes it easy when picking the target audience. Youtube allows you to determine age, gender, what videos to show the ad on, and even the viewers’ interest.

  • Rotate Ads

Analyze alternating two or three video ads to keep things fresh and avoid creative burnout. A creative burnout occurs when an ad loses effectiveness because your target audience has already viewed it too often.

And if you launch a new product, make sure to create new videos as well.

Optimize Cost Per View

Optimizing your CPV (Cost per view) is considered Youtube ads best practices. Since Youtube only charges if someone viewed an ad, either 30 seconds or all of it. Of course, Youtube favors higher bids when choosing between which ads to show.

  • Adjust Bid

If you have a low bid, then other ads that have higher bids will always win. Like in google ads, you can also see a line item forecast to see how changing your bid can increase performance. Make sure to set a bid amount that fits your budget.

  • Narrow Target Market

If the market is very competitive, reconsider your video marketing strategy and expand your targeting to have less competition. The less competition you have, the less you will need to bid.

Optimize Click-through Rate

The click-through rate is the number of people who click a link at the end of the ad or a thumbnail ad. So it is crucial to have a persuading call to action and thumbnail.

  • Change Your Call To Action

If users watch your ad but don’t react to it, consider changing the call to action to push them to do something. Make sure your call to action is easy and straightforward. Sometimes by merely adding eye-catching arrows pointing to the link you want to be clicked is enough.

  • Revamp Your Thumbnail

The best youtube Ads always have thumbnails that draw attention. So the fundamental lesson is to make sure your thumbnail urges the user to click on it. Of course, make sure it’s relevant to your product or business, as you wouldn’t want to advertise falsely.

  • Make Demonstration Ads

If your product or business allows it, you should make an ad that briefly demonstrates to the viewer why they need to click your ad. The purpose is to make the viewer become intrigued and want to see more. Some of the best Youtube ads use this to optimize their CTR and have tremendous results.

Optimize Your Youtube Ads Today

Learning how to optimize Youtube ads will help your business grow tremendously. It can be challenging to manage all of these factors when optimizing your ad. But with a little bit of research, it’s possible.

If you feel you are still having trouble optimizing your ads and your competition is fierce as sharks, consider using a professional marketing team. At Media Sharks, we implement the best digital marketing tactics to ensure your business comes out on top. Don’t hesitate any longer, contact us today!