So you’ve decided to design a challenge coin for your loved one. But you’re a bit clueless about where to start.

Googling “custom coin makers” has resulted in about 16,300,000 results. So who’s the right choice?

Before deciding who your designated coin maker should be, perhaps the best thing to do would be to go step-by-step through the process.

First, we’ll offer some information on how you can make a personalized challenge coin, after which we’ll offer our two cents on who the best coin maker is!

Custom Challenge Coins 101 — How to Choose the Best Designs

Find the Right Image

Of course, the image is the first feature of your coin. It has to be relevant. When choosing an image, find one that’s close to what you want to convey.

For example, if you’re making a challenge coin for someone from law enforcement, you could add the emblem of their respective agency. As for color, it’s up to you if you want to use the department colors or just leave it as it is.

Don’t Overdo the Text

Keep it short, simple and sweet. You don’t have enough canvas for a short story. It’s best to keep the design clean, the text limited and just enough so it’s completed in a circular fashion like you see on other coins.

If you’ve got a longer message though, try to go for a larger coin, or use abbreviations or just have the text printed on the back of the coin.

Avoid Pre-Made Art

Aside from the art not fitting on your coin, using pre-made art might come off as a little unoriginal, not to mention lazy on your part. If you don’t have any artistic skills to speak of though, work with a company that offers that service as well.

Companies like Challenge Coins 4 U offer highly skilled artists for the initial artwork process, all the way to the final product, so you should have no trouble with even the most complex designs.

Choosing a Reliable

Coin Maker

While there are probably countless talented companies out there, we’d recommend that you choose one on the basis of their reliability, as well as the talent they offer.

In which case, one of the best companies for challenge coins would be Challenge Coins 4 U.

Offering personalization services as well as pre-designed coins for different military and government departments, as well as corporate organizations, the company is a leading name in the industry.

So follow the tips above and contact Challenge Coins 4 U for a well-designed, top-quality coin!