First impression with potential client

Potential clients want to hire people they feel they can trust and work with and that’s why their first impression of you is so important. In fact, studies have shown that we make judgments about the people we meet within the first few seconds of meeting them. What can help you to make a good first impression? Here are some tips for you.

Do your research

It’s a good idea to do some research about clients before meeting them. Google them and look them up on social media platforms like LinkedIn to get a good sense of who they are and their accomplishments. It always impresses clients if you’ve done your homework.

You wouldn’t catch a talk show host going into an interview without researching the person about to be interviewed. In the same way, showing clients that you know something about them when you meet them for the first time shows that you care about a potential relationship with them.

When you can reference a recent post, they made on LinkedIn or tell them how much you enjoyed a podcast they were on, you can create a first impression that is sure to last.

Make a welcome packet

Whatever form it takes, documentation is part of creating that first impression, from your business card to your welcome packet. A welcome packet may consist of a few pages about your services and procedures etc. and your business card.

Printers, such as Catdi Printing will print a high-quality business card for you to put in a welcome packet that will impress your clients.

Clients will leave a meeting with you knowing that they can refer back to documentation with all the details and finer points of what it means to work with you as well as easily contact you to follow up.

Watch your body language

Sometimes your body language speaks more than your words. This may seem obvious but eye contact is that initial non-verbal acknowledgment of one another. A lack of eye contact can show insecurity but making eye contact creates an immediate bond.

Follow this up with a strong handshake and confidently state your name to create a level of rapport. The confidence you project can radically influence someone’s opinion of you. This may be even more important than the content of what you have to say when you meet a potential client.

Find common ground

Take time to find common ground. A little small talk can go a long way to smoothing out the potential awkwardness of a first meeting. Ask open-ended questions and listen more than you speak. Most importantly, smile and use the client’s name.

No potential client wants to feel that all that matters is how much money you can get out of them. If clients feel that you have a genuine interest in them, they are more likely to trust you and want to transact with you.

Give reasons to choose you

Tell potential clients what it will be like to work with you, how the process will work and what makes working with you different from working with your competitors. It helps to make a list of questions clients commonly ask and create a script to walk a client through your process. You can also address common objections in advance.

Clients may have other questions but they’ll be impressed if you address their concerns without them having to drag information out of you. If you take this kind of initiative, you will show that you’re fully invested and that’s exactly what they want to see.