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During the Middle Ages, weight was a sign of wealth and status. When plague and starvation ravaged most of the world, the ability to gain weight meant access to a surplus of food.

As many members of the nobility gained weight, it became a standard for beauty at the time. This is evident in some of the art at the time. In a famous statue of Aphrodite, she is carved with stomach rolls.

As modern science progressed, though, people began to idolize physical fitness. This cultural change has impacted our views of health, beauty, and more.

These days, many medical professionals are trying to achieve a middle ground. Using BMI to indicate health is an outdated measure. Scientists know that obesity can lead to other health issues, but fatphobia often contributes to the misdiagnosis of issues that have nothing to do with weight.

Like most situations, achieving a middle ground is hard. But in the interest of health, some people want to lose weight quickly.

If you want to stay safe and treat your body with care, what’s the best way to do that? We’ve assembled a list of weight loss tips that can help you on your journey to health.

1. Keep A Food Journal

The biggest issue with most diets is that it’s not sustainable to categorize some foods as bad and others as good. This type of polarized thinking glorifies carrots and demonizes donuts, which is a world no one wants to live in.

There’s no such thing as good and bad food. Food is amoral, a source of food that everyone needs to live. And for long-term weight loss, it’s important to pursue a plan that can become your lifestyle.

Fad diets don’t work long-term, so you need to revamp your habits. Eliminating any ‘fun food’ for the rest of your life won’t work. So what can you do?

You should pay attention to the quality of the food you’re eating, of course. Fruits and vegetables take up a huge chunk of the food pyramid for a reason.

But you should also pay attention to quantity. If you aren’t paying attention, you might have no idea what constitutes an actual portion size.

In many Western countries, serving sizes are far beyond what a portion should actually be. Eating pasta won’t derail your health goals, but eating a plate five times what you actually need probably will.

To track all this, try keeping a food journal. Write down what you eat, how much, and what times of the day. This can help you uncover patterns and habits that you might otherwise miss.

For instance, do you start reaching for chocolate-covered almonds around the afternoon slump at work? This could be a symptom of hunger, but it’s most likely boredom.

2. Check In With Your Body 

If you want to lose weight, it’s important to identify what drives you to eat more food than you actually need. At its core, food is meant to provide fuel for our bodies.

Once you dig into it, though, food is so much more than that. It’s also a means of social connection, a way to share culture and joy with others.

Since food holds so much weight, when do you crave it? Some people crave food when they’re sad, angry, stressed, or bored. Emotional eating can derail your weight loss goals quickly.

To avoid this, check in with your body instead of immediately reaching for a snack. See how you feel if you’re actually hungry and what you need to do next.

3. What Are You Drinking?

One of the fastest ways to lose weight is to cut empty calories. A lot of those come from what you’re drinking.

Most sodas, energy drinks, and coffees come with many calories that actually do nothing to fuel your body or make you feel full. For instance, a Starbucks drink is basically a caffeinated dessert.

Instead, try cutting soft drinks. This eliminates useless calories from your day and also eliminates the negative effects of excessive caffeine from other drinks.

4. Drink More Water

If you’re a coffee or soda fanatic, what else are you supposed to drink? Water! Most Americans are very dehydrated, which can manifest as many different health problems.

But if you’re trying to lose weight quickly, this process is made much more difficult if you’re not hydrated. By drinking enough water, you’ll be able to flush out toxins and feel better.

This tip is doubly important if you’re doing a lot of exercises or if you live in a hot climate. The exact amount varies depending on your body weight, but shooting for a gallon per day is a good goal.

5. Start Weightlifting

Many people, when wondering how to lose weight, turn to cardio. Their treadmill or stationary bike gets a workout like never before!

While cardio is important for heart health, it’s not the only thing to do if you want to lose weight quickly. Cardio burns calories more quickly than other forms of exercise, which is why so many people do it.

But to burn fat over the long run and to boost your metabolism, you need to build muscle. By lifting weights, you’ll build muscle over the long run.

6. Weight Loss Supplements 

If you want to lose weight quickly, consider using supplements for weight loss. The best supplements are both effective and safe. For instance, the Truvy Boost drinks help with healthy blood sugar while providing an energy boost.

As a drink that helps manage appetite and cravings, it’s a great way to help weight loss.

How to Lose Weight Quickly

If you want to lose weight quickly, make sure that you take the time to listen to your body. Don’t rush anything or try unsafe fads just for the sake of fitting into a smaller jeans size.

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