The average payday loan is actually pretty small. Small being only $375. In the world of loans, that’s actually pretty small potatoes.

If you’re someone who needs cash quickly, you might be needing even a loan as small. This doesn’t mean you’re limited to three to four hundred dollars. You can often get up to $1,000 in immediate cash with a payday loan.

So, if you’re looking to get that creditor off your back or you just want that new TV now, here’s how to get a payday loan.

 1. How to Get a Payday Loan: Find Your Credit Score

Start by requesting your one free copy of your credit report. Yes, you read that right, you can get a copy of your credit score for free once a year. In fact, you can do that with all three credit agencies.

You want to make sure there aren’t any errors in your credit report. If there are, you need to contact the credit agency and request deletion. The agency will review the deletion request and your information and make corrections where necessary.

When you go for a loan, the company will check your credit. Companies checking your credit too often can affect your credit. Be sure you are careful how often you take out loans or you could see your credit score drop.

2. Gather The Information

Lenders typically want a stack of information to make sure you’re able to pay back the loan. They want to know you’re not a scam artist. They want to make sure you have some sort of income.

You’ll need some sort of proof of employment. This means a pay stub of some sort.

You’ll need a list of other loans and debt obligations. This means listing your credit cards and mortgage if you have one.

You’ll need your social security number. This proves you’re not a scammer.

You’ll also need an I.D. such as a driver’s license or a military I.D.

3. Bring a Check

Wisdom dictates that you shouldn’t get a loan unless you know you can pay it back. Sadly, more often than not, people take out loans when they can’t pay them back.

This is why you should bring a blank check to give to the loan officer. You might even just give them your routing number and account number.

Why would you want to bring these things? Because you want to pay back the loan as soon as it’s due. If you don’t, you’ll end up paying more in interest. Some people end up paying over $800 on their $300 loan.

4. Fill Out the Application and Learn About Fees

Often payday loans come with certain fees. These are general processing fees. Ask the officer to tell you how much extra you will have to pay when you repay the loan.

Step Five: Get Your Cash

At this point, you should be able to collect your money and use it however you want. You should have given your officer a check with a certain amount on it and they will cash it when the loan is due.

Now that you know how to get a payday loan it’s time to make a decision. Come check out our options.