If you’re looking to get a credit card with no credit check, chances are good you’ve got bad or damaged credit. Perhaps you’ve tried to take out a loan and needed to resort to an online payday loan to get the money you needed.

There are options out there for you, even if it doesn’t feel that way. When you have bad credit, you can feel doors closing all around you– doors that everybody else seems to be able to walk through. But this door is still open!

Today, we’re going to help you find a no credit check credit card that can help you live your life, AND even help you rebuild your credit… all with no credit check required!


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Why You Would Need a No Credit Check Credit Card

Let’s not sugarcoat this, having bad credit or no credit is not fun. You often feel like you’re being treated as less of a person, who’s not allowed to do things people with good credit get to do, routinely. Here are some of the ways having a credit card can help in your everyday life:

You Can Book a Hotel Room

You have worked hard to save enough money to take your loved one away on a little weekend somewhere nice.

But even though you have probably socked away enough money to pay for the whole weekend and show your partner a wonderful time, they won’t let you book the hotel room without a credit card.

You Can Rent a Car

Or, the same situation as above, but this time they won’t let you rent a nice car or get a motorcycle loan without a credit card, even though you have a spotless driving record and have never been in an accident in your entire life.

Neither of these businesses want your money because you don’t have a piece of plastic that says you’re trustworthy. Right?

Some restaurants won’t even take your reservation without a credit card. Ditto a lot of fun recreational events like paintball, rock climbing, or white water rafting. These doors feel closed to you.

It’s an awful feeling, and some people don’t find out this is the case until it’s too late. Their plans are ruined, their weekend is shot, and their confidence has been punched in the stomach.

You Can Shop Online

Or how about this scenario. Your friend knows you’re in the market for a new snowboard and sends you a link to one that’s perfect for you. It’s on sale right now and you literally need to buy it right now!

But you can’t shop online because you don’t have a credit card. Not only do you miss out on the incredible deal, but you also have to make up an excuse to your friend, if you’re too embarrassed to tell them that you don’t have a credit card. In some scenarios, you may be able to take advantage of buy now pay later electronics, but that’s not always the case.

A credit card will allow you full flexibility in what you buy, and where you buy it.

You Can Rebuild Your Credit

Everybody always talks about how much damage you can do to your credit rating with a credit card. Of course, that’s true. But you don’t hear enough about how you can use a no credit check credit card to rebuild damaged credit.

Again, the absence of a credit card when you’re trying to rebuild can hurt you. Putting your utility bills on a no credit check credit card can help you in two ways.

First of all, quite simply, you’re making sure your bills are paid on time, which has its obvious benefits on your credit rating.

Second of all, you’re building your credit by paying down the balance on the card you’re using to pay these utility bills. It’s Win-win, and this can literally double the speed at which you get back into the good books.

If you don’t have a credit card to do this, it can feel like a vicious cycle.

You’re trying to rebuild your credit, but bill payments are sometimes late because you can’t put it on a credit card. And you can’t get a credit card because your credit is bad.

no credit check credit card breaks this cycle and builds good habits.

What Exactly is a No Credit Check Credit Card?

Much like a payday loan no credit check, these credit cards are alternative ways to access credit without having your hurt credit score taken into account. In this situation, you give the credit card company a deposit in advance. This is usually a minimum of $200, but it can be more if you like.

Now, this secures the credit card, which is why it’s called a secured card. This deposit is there because there is no credit check. It provides the credit card company with collateral in case anything happens.

The bigger the deposit you put down, the more funds you have access to. For example, if you put down $1000.00, you have access to $1000.00. But you have to pay that balance down.

You will get your deposit back after a year or so of making your payments on time and paying the balance down.

After that, the money is yours again and you can keep using this card, or even request better cards with better rates and more perks.

But while this card is secure, nobody will know the difference. It will look, perform and function exactly like any other credit card. You can use it to shop online, or book a hotel room, or rent a car.

You can also set up all of your utility bills to come off this card, or get a payday loan deposited on your prepaid card. In fact, most credit counselors will recommend you do this while rebuilding your credit.

What about Unsecured credit cards for Bad Credit?

The other option is an unsecured credit card for bad credit. The biggest difference with these cards is that they don’t require any type of deposit in order to get qualified. They will help you rebuild your credit score, as the companies report to credit agencies on a monthly basis. However, they can only be used in the issuer’s proprietary online store, so can’t be used for things like booking a hotel room or renting a car.

Two companies that offer this type of Unsecured card are Fingerhut and Horizon Gold. If you are looking for something guaranteed approval without any deposit, you should explore those cards more.


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How Do I Request a No Credit Check Credit Card?

Typically, when you request a traditional or unsecured credit card, the credit card company will look at a number of factors. They will look at your credit score, first and foremost, to see your history of paying debts and bills.

Next, they will look at your employment situation. Are you currently working? How much are you earning? Are you earning anything on the side? How frequently are you changing jobs?

They may also even look at how frequently you have changed your place of residence over the years.

But the good news is, for a secured credit card, you don’t get judged by any of these things. This card is here to help you, not judge you.

The request process is incredibly easy, obviously with no credit check. We can help you through it and help you choose the right card. Click here to learn more.

Simple, with No Credit Check

It’s a very simple request and requires things like name, address and Social Security number. But those numbers will not be used for a credit check. They will just be used to tie this card to your name so you can repair your credit.

This is also what separates a secured card from a prepaid card. This card is tied directly to your name, so creditors and businesses can now trust it.

This is why you can use a secured credit card to rent a car or book a hotel room, but you can’t use a prepaid card or gift card. Anybody can just buy one of those. But a secured card is tied to your identity, so you’re accountable and trustworthy.

This is why these cards are very popular among students just starting out, and immigrants who moved to a new country. They can build their credit over time.

It also enables them to do all of the things that we have mentioned, like renting something or buying something online.

How to Use Your Card Responsibly

Just because you now have a credit card doesn’t mean you should go on an Amazon binge or book a cruise somewhere. No, this is your chance to start using credit responsibly, so you can get more of it. That’s the point of all this.

If you like, you can start buying a few items, online or in person. It may feel good just to use a credit card again. But pay the balance down immediately. Your score is going to be based on the speed and reliability of your payments.

Like traditional credit cards, it’s far better to pay off the whole balance of the purchase(s) you made instead of just making the minimum payments each month.

Things happen, and some months you will have more money than other months. And a lot of the time, you will have a secure or unsecured card for financial emergencies, like a car repair or a vet bill. It happens.

But as a whole, you should get in the habit of not putting anything on this card, unless you know exactly when you will have the money to pay the balance. Next Monday on payday is good. Next month(ish) is less good.

Set up Automatic Payments

We touched on this earlier. One of the most responsible things you can do with your secure credit card is using it to pay your telecommunications and utility bills. You can rebuild your credit twice as fast!

Here’s what you do. Set your utilities (think water bill, hydro bill) and your telecom bills (cable, internet, mobile) to come off your card automatically. Just make sure there’s enough room on the card to accommodate them each month.

Now your bills will be paid on time because they’re coming off the card automatically, so you’re building your credit with each of these major companies. This helps your credit in a big way.

But you’re also going to be responsible and pay the credit card down immediately. The same day, when possible.

Of course, the nice thing about having these payments come off your credit card is you can give yourself a day or two of leeway in paying them back. But don’t leave it much longer.

Stay on top of these payments and be aware of all the due dates and withdraw dates so you can make the timely payments and build your credit with the credit card company too.

Do this with all your major bills. Smaller ones like gym memberships and Netflix subscriptions won’t help as much. But it’s good to have them on this card, so they never bounce. Any bounced payment is a bad one.

How Not to Use Your Card

Just because there is no credit check, doesn’t mean this card can’t hurt your credit, if misused. One of the worst things you could do is try the above scenario, but not follow through or keep on top of your due dates.

When that happens, this whole process becomes counterproductive; your credit is being hurt instead of helped.

You forget about the water bill, which is $100.00, so that sits on your card until your phone bill comes out and it’s $200.00. You forget about that one too, and now you’re overdrawn, which causes the cable bill payment to bounce.

Even if you’ve got the money to pay for the bounced payments (and the always popular extra service charge for the bounces), your credit rating is still taking a ding in a time where we’re doing our best to be ding-free.

Don’t Buy It If You Can’t Afford It

Another bad thing would be to buy something because you really want it even though you’re not really sure if/when you can afford it.

Secure credit cards do charge interest on purchases. In fact, they charge a bit higher of a rate than normal credit cards, as another way for credit card companies to protect themselves.

This is not a big deal when you’re on top of things and paying down purchases before they have a chance to accumulate interest. But, if you’re letting a balance ride month to month, these interest payments can really hurt you.

If you need more control over your spending, you can take out a purpose-built card, like a gas card for bad credit. These are perfect if you need some credit to support your growing Uber business, but don’t want the temptation of buying something you don’t need.

Don’t Take Money out Unless You Have To

Like any credit card, the interest payment on a cash withdrawal from an ATM is bigger than most purchases, on top of whatever surcharge the machine wants to charge you.

And if you’re doing that, odds are good you don’t know when you can pay it back. So avoid it whenever possible. It may be better to take out an online loaninstead.

We Can Help You Get a Credit Card with No Credit Check

We’re in the business of helping people like you rebuild their credit, or get help when they need it the most. We offer a number of services like personal loans with no credit check, or the no credit check cards we’ve been talking about.

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