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Almost everyone gets random credit card offers in their mailbox, and maybe in their email box as well. But quite often, these are not the best credit card offersavailable, and it’s no surprise so much of this mail is simply discarded.

Yet, when you’re looking for a new credit card, you have to start somewhere. What do you do? What is the best way to locate your best credit card offer so you can get approved and enjoy the maximum benefits?

How to Quickly Find Your Best Credit Card Offers

Some people just take one of the credit card offers sent to them in their mail. Others maybe get whatever card a friend or relative recommends. And still others do a quick Google search and click on a few sites online till they decide on a card offer.

But none of these methods are likely to get you your very best possible credit card. They are far too limited in scope to put you in a good position to make a fully informed decision.

But how do you get the information you need quickly? After all, you can’t spend endless hours online exploring each and every credit card company’s website individually. And how do you even know which companies are reputable to begin with?

At Bonsai Finance, we have the tools and experience necessary to help you find the best credit card offers rapidly based on your selected search criteria. We enable you to immediately focus on only your most ideal offers. Our systematic approach saves you time, makes the process more manageable, and gives you a better end result.

We at Bonsai are familiar with the credit card market, and we know how to weed out the “bad apples” to make searching for a new credit card as safe as possible. And we are experts at finding you a credit card that fits your exact needs and preferences.

Which Factors Are Most Important in Choosing a New Credit Card?

When searching for a credit card offer through Bonsai Finance, you can whittle down “the haystack” in a variety of ways. You can prioritize your search criteria, use both a “must have” and “should have” list, and arrive at a manageable short list of “final contenders.”

But which factors loom largest in choosing a new credit card? In part, the answer to that question will vary from person to person, but here are the factors that people most commonly consider to be of top importance:

  • An adequate credit limit. No one wants to have to always live at the top of their credit limit, or worse, not have a high enough credit line to handle their monthly cash flow.
  • A way to avoid interest. Most cards allow you to avoid paying interest if you pay your balance in full on time. But this isn’t true of all credit cards, and it’s certainly an important feature to double check on.
  • A relatively low APR. As much as you’d rather avoid a rolling balance to avoid interest, sometimes, that might not be possible. In those situations, you want as low an interest rate as you can get.
  • Reasonable fees. Besides interest charges, there are cash withdrawal fees, balance transfer fees, and more to consider.
  • No annual fee. For many, the lack of an annual fee is a big factor in choosing a new credit card. For others, having a lower annual fee, at least, is very important.
  • No or low foreign transaction fees. If you travel internationally or order from overseas, a high foreign transaction fee could be a major turn away.
  • Wide card acceptance. Most people travel occasionally around the country, if not around the world, and one of the worst feelings you can get is when your card is not accepted. Be sure your card will work everywhere you need it to.
  • Special Perks. Many cards offer special rewards, be it cash back, travel points, gift cards, or something else. Why not get a card that has everything else you need and a rewards program you’ll actually use as well?

How Can I Find the Best Credit Card Offers If I Have Bad Credit?

At Bonsai Finance, we understand that people with bad or poor credit still need a credit card. After all, it can be very difficult to constantly carry enough cash for all of your purchases – especially large ones. And online shopping especially demands a credit card (or at least a debit card.)

Around a third of US adults have bad credit, and as you can imagine, credit card companies are not going to simply ignore a full third of the market. Yes, there are many credit card offers available for people with damaged credit.

At Bonsai, we can search for bad credit credit card offers and for card offers that don’t even require a credit check for approval. We can find both secured and unsecured credit cards that people with below average credit still qualify for.

You don’t have to just accept a bad offer because you have bad credit. You still have options, and we can help you find the best credit card offers for bad credit applicants at the click of a button!

What About the Online Application Process?

Bonsai Finance can guide you through the process of finding your best credit card offers, but what about actually applying?

Although we can’t guarantee what a credit card company will do, we can say this: very rarely will anyone be rejected on a credit card offer that we’ve helped them find. Why? Because we carefully find you offers you qualify for.

But what about the application process? Is it long and tedious. In fact, it’s not. Most credit card companies have a short, simple application form that you can fill out in a few minutes. And approval is often near instantaneous.

Only very basic personal and financial information is asked for, and your personal information is kept confidential and secure.

Why Choose Bonsai Finance?

Bonsai Finance is committed to making it simpler, easier, and faster for people to find their best credit card offers and loan offers regardless of their credit score. We have helped numerous others do just that, and we stand ready to assist you as well.

You wouldn’t expect to find the exact book you want at the library without using the card catalog. But it can be just as difficult to find your best credit card offer without access to a high-powered search engine. We provide that for you.

We have hundreds of companies in our database, and we allow you great flexibility in conducting your search.

Additionally, our experienced staff can give you timely advice and answer all of your credit card related questions.

At Bonsai, we maximize your ability to identify your best credit card offers and apply for a new card in as little time as possible.

What do you feel are the 3 most important factors in choosing which credit card to apply for?