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Dollar Tree is already a very cheap place to shop at because, duh, everything is only a dollar! But did you know that you can use coupons there to get items for even cheaper… potentially FREE? Let us show you how to start couponing here!

If you’re a beginner couponer, it is probably a great place for you to start learning. This is because it’s very straightforward in both its prices and its coupon policy. With everything being $1.00, and the rules being very clear on what they will and won’t accept, it makes it simple to know which deals you can get.

Manufacturer Coupons

Dollar Tree accepts only manufacturer coupons. Occasionally, they have a “Customer Appreciation” coupons, although they are very rare. These are typically 10% off your purchase of $10+ Dollar Tree store coupons.

Dollar Tree will accept manufacturer coupons with any coupon value on it (ie, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, etc). The coupon value will be adjusted down if it exceeds the price of the item. They do not give overage on items. (i.e. If you’re buying Item X and have a $1.50 off 1 Item X coupon, that coupon will be adjusted down to $1.00.)

As far as multi-item coupons, as long as the total of all the items together is not less than the value of the coupon, it can be used as-is. For example, if you have 3 items at (= $3) and have a $2.00/3 coupon, even though that coupon is more than the price of an individual item, it’s not more than the price of all the items combined. Therefore, you can use it without it being adjusted down.

Internet Coupons

They limit two total “like” internet coupons (two printable coupons that are the same) and four total “like” other coupons (inserts, etc) per person.

What Can You Find at Dollar Tree?

So by now I’m sure you’re wondering why they even have a coupon policy. I bet you’re thinking, “Don’t they usually just carry weird off-brand stuff and party supplies?” Not exactly! Yes, they have some “weird off-brand stuff and party supplies” but they also carry a lot of name-brand stuff! Some brands I’ve seen at the store include Pampers, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Cetaphil, Kraft, Lysol and more! The stock at each store varies GREATLY, so if you have the opportunity to stop at more than one, make sure you do that. Many times, $1.00/1 manufacturer coupons available for name-brand items found here. That makes a TON of items COMPLETELY FREE with coupons! While not all stores will have the exact same stock, knowing what others are able to find will give you an idea of what to look for at your own store.

And there it is! Easy peasy! Couponing at Dollar Tree is a very simple and to-the-point way of getting tons of free or nearly free items with very little hoops to jump through. Are you ready to start couponing at Dollar Tree?

Note: It is recommended to bring a copy of the Dollar Tree coupon policy with you when shopping at Dollar Tree.