It’s not always easy to find a style of dresses that suits you perfectly. It may be that the little black dress that makes you crazy or you love the asymmetric cuts, but it may not always be the first that attracts your attention. In the shops, there is no shortage of prom dresses, but sometimes, after an afternoon of shopping without any results, you would like to see the fairy godmother from Cinderella to design your perfect dress.


In real life, this fairy godmother is nothing more than your trusted fashion house and your intuition. However, to give you a hand, we have developed a series of tips that will help you to understand the available styles better and, depending on this, to find out what types of dresses flatter you the most.


The garments


The key is to dare to follow the trends thinking about your taste, choosing garments that combine the classic with the ultimate fashion additions. For example, going for long party dresses, but with some detail that catches the attention, whether it is long sleeves in bell style, a set of transparencies, a feature at the waist or an asymmetrical neckline. You can wear collected hairstyles that give even more glamor to your outfit, and that will look perfect with one of the Jovani prom dresses 2019 collection that conquered the critics, being a line as spectacular as elegant.


Another alternative is to bet on an equally elegant two-piece suit, both for prom parties during the day and at night. You can rely on a tube skirt with a silk blouse, or a trouser suit accompanied by a nice blazer. If you consider yourself a risk taker when it comes to fashion, you can incorporate a pair of gloves.


Now, if you are looking for a more spring dress, you will find many options, for example, midi type, whose cut is mid-calf. Smooth or patterned, with long or short sleeves; the choice is yours. Of course, if the chosen wardrobe is somewhat discreet, you can always give a special touch to the style, preferring capped party dresses with glitter or scarves with rhinestones, among other elegant accessories.

body type guide for prom dresses

The colors


As for the colors, there are trend tones that don’t fail and that are perfect for girls who want to look sexy and chic. It is the case of black, gray and red, which stylize your figure, also being ideal to wear during the after-party.


Do these three seem too classic? So what if you opt for blue prom dresses, or burgundy, purple or green models full of rhinestones. All of them will make you look equally sophisticated, and at the same time, sexy.


The lines and necklines


The phrase, “in simplicity lies the taste” makes sense in this case because without a doubt; a girl can look great with a dress of straight lines as with a princess or mermaid silhouette, voluminous the first and adjusted the second. Therefore, the straight dresses or in A cut from the Jovani fashion house are a good alternative, as well as the draped designs with a fall that flows freely; besides being perfect as party dresses for chubby girls. Because, their light fabric and fluidity of movement allow, not only to disguise what you don’t want to show, but, above all, to feel comfortable and, at the same time, very chic.


Regarding the neckline, if the goal is to highlight the area subtly, but without covering it completely, the necklines that favor this purpose the most are the round, boat type, cut in V and even the illusion with soft transparencies. Without being abruptly deep, these necklines look fantastic in the different dresses for young women, whether thin or plumper. The French sleeves of tulle and appliques of rhinestones on shoulders or waist are other details that can favor your look, adding a more sophisticated touch to your garment.


Did you convince yourself with any of these designs? You see that you have no reason to limit yourself because there are so many options among which you can choose for your special day. And it is that as wide as is the offer in prom dresses; the difficult thing will be to take only one. Choose the right dress for you and dare to dazzle.

Choosing the right prom dress for your body type