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Are you looking for the right contractor to help remodel your home and turn it into something unique? Are you tired of waiting to change your property? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about how to find the right general contractor for your project.

Doing so can ensure you a final result that you’ll love. The contractor you find will focus on providing quality for your project and maintaining constant communication on its direction.

See below for an in-depth guide that you can use to find the perfect general contractor for your home remodeling project.

1. Search for a Positive Reputation

If you’re looking for a general contractor to oversee the remodel of your New Orleans property, then you should be focusing on their reputation.

Contractors can toot their own horn as much as they’d like, but there’s no silencing their previous clients. Those previous clients are honest and provide you with constructive feedback you can use to find the right contractor.

In this ever-growing digital age, there are now three helpful ways to gauge a contractor’s reputation in the community:

  1. Read Online Reviews
  2. Ask the Contractor for Client References to Call
  3. Browse Through Customer Testimonials

Either one of these is a solid option, but the most convenient (and efficient) is to search for online reviews. Start by Googling the contractor you’re considering, then reading the ratings and comments that their customers have left behind.

Remember, you aren’t necessarily looking for a 100-percent satisfaction rate. Some of the comments should be taken with a grain of salt. However, the more constructive feedback you can get from these reviews, the better picture you can paint for yourself.

Do the clients seem happy with how their remodel project turned out? Is hiring a black contractor in New Orleans of high importance to you? What kind of remodel project did the customer hire the contractor for? Were they happy with the timeline?

2. Set Up an Initial Interview

As with any business relationship, you should always take the time to meet with a contractor before you decide whether or not to hire them.

The initial interview can give you a space to have all your questions answered. You can then use those answers they’ve provided to have more confidence in the contractor you choose to hire.

First, set up the interview either by phone or in person. In-person meetings allow for more connection, so we recommend going that route. During the interview, be sure to ask them questions such as:

  • Do you offer a warranty on your services? What are the details of it?
  • Will you be the one supervising the entirety of my project?
  • Do you have experience with this type of project? (EX: bathroom remodeling, office remodeling, etc.)
  • What is the typical turnaround for this size of the project?
  • Do you sub-contract any of the work?
  • Will you be the one to gather all the necessary building permits?
  • What are some potential setbacks you can envision with this project?

Ideally, you want to leave that interview with a clearer picture of your project. Why is this contractor the best fit for your needs? How can they give you an advantage?

3. Make Sure They’re Licensed

Simply put: if a contractor doesn’t have business insurance in place, you shouldn’t touch them with a ten-foot pole.

First off, business insurance (like workers’ compensation) is legally required. So if a contractor doesn’t have it, they’re intentionally ignoring the law.

Secondly, if an accident occurs during the remodel and they don’t have insurance, you could be held financially liable for the damage/injury since it occurred on your property.

Don’t be afraid to ask this during your interview with the contractor. If a contractor has their business insurance needs in place, they have nothing to hide!

Make sure they have business insurance policies such as business liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and umbrella insurance.

4. Consider the Contractor’s Priorities

No matter what the experience level of the contractor, you can always tell where their priorities lie after you’ve interviewed them for the project.

Some contractors are purely in the business to add money to their own pockets. This will become obvious when they start charging you high costs for materials and labor to increase their own profit margins.

Then, some reputable contractors genuinely care about the New Orleans residents. They want to help build communities and increase home property values.

Make sure the contractor you hire falls into the latter of the two. Do they give you multiple methods of communication? Are they taking the time to answer your questions?

5. Find Someone That Respects Your Space

The trickiest part about experiencing a remodel project in your home is having other people (a crew) work in your living space.

For that reason, we always suggest giving parameters for the contractor before signing the contract. Make sure to communicate the hours in which they can work in your home each day, but realize that could prolong the initial timeframe for the project.

If the contractor is willing to accept your terms and rules, then you’ve found the perfect one for your situation!

Invest in a General Contractor for Your Remodel Project

Now that you have seen all of the different ways to ensure you’re hiring the right general contractor for the job, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

Best of luck with your search! Remember, you want to find a balance between someone with experience, yet a contractor that prioritizes the relationship with their clients.