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Starting a career in video games requires a mix of skills and publicity. Your favorite streamers and e-sports athletes all started somewhere, after all. The big step is exerting their dedication toward their craft.  In case you are an aspiring gamer that wants to be famous for such games, then you know that this is something you can also attain. 

Consider the factors and steps that you need to pay attention to. Get your list ready and prepare a few points to help you think about building your career in gaming.

1. Find and Gauge Your Motivation

With every venture, you need the reason and motivation to push you on. This is the case for e-sports and gaming as a whole. You need to figure out what drives you to pursue a career in gaming. Once you are on top, your motivation is what will keep you going and what enables you to stay relevant. Find your joy in playing video games.

2. Pick Your Game of Choice

Now, in this case, there are several directions you can pursue in forging your gaming career. You could pick from various categories of e-sports.  You can go for Massive Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs) like DOTA2 or League of Legends. You could also go for First-Person Shooters (FPS) like Counter-Strike Global Offensive. If you fancy the likes of Hearthstone, online card games might be for you. Real-Time Strategy games (RTS) like StarCraft II also run in a competitive sense. 

Or, you can go for finishing a game so fast that you can also hit a world record. Now that one falls under Speedrunning. Find something that you have fun with and work from there. It would be amusing to see a run for Trump Jump Adventure for kicks.

3. Hone Your Skills

This is the part where you have to learn the game, know the mechanics, and strive to do your best at it. Take note of the meta or figure out your strategies. Fighting gamers tend to have a knack for knowing when to chain combos. For MOBAs, knowing your character’s synergy and working with your teammates will help you shine. Always aim to be better.

4. Engage with the Community

Various game genres come with dedicated communities. Join up to make friends, establish connections, and build yourself from there. You can also learn interesting strategies while you’re at it.  Over time, the community can become your audience when you start streaming. That is if your videos are public (if you opt to do video game streaming). Always remember that some of the best career opportunities in gaming require a solid community.

5. Gear Up

You will also need some great gear to play with to change your effectivity. Playing on a console is slightly easier since you get almost everything you need right out of the box.  For PC gaming, you have to go for the optimal setup, meaning you’ll have to purchase third-party accessories to improve the experience. Make sure your gear works well for your reflexes and that you get the optimal audio experience too.

6. Know Your Balance

At the end of the day, you are still a person. Leverage your online and offline activities. Take your time to sit back and relax. Take care of yourself with proper nutrition and take note of your mental health. Your body and mind can help you bring your skills in full form. 

Launch Your Career in Gaming Now! 

As you start your journey towards a career in gaming, make sure that you enjoy what you do. Being good in video games is fun. Go for it and push. But launching your gaming career is only the beginning. You’ll also need to build a community on Twitch, YouTube, and other social media platforms. You’ll need to learn how to market yourself. 

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