Red dress

Have you bought the perfect red dress for an upcoming event? If you’re trying to figure out the best ways to style your red dress, then you’ve come to the right place!

There are plenty of ways that you can style and accessorize the perfect red dress for you. Whether it is adding jewelry, unique shoes or even a bag the perfect way to spice up your red dress is out there.

Keep reading for our guide on what accessories to wear with a red dress to look your best at the next big event.

What Colors Should You Wear?

When it comes to accessorizing a red dress you need to decide what colors you can pair with your dress. Red is a very vibrant color that has many different meanings and sometimes it can be difficult to find the best colors to pair with your red dress.

There are many reasons why you may want to wear a red dress especially since it is a bold color that will make you stand out wherever you go. If you’re a leader who is looking to stand out and have a bit of confidence, then red is a great color to go with.

Obviously, colors like black, gold, silver or even white can look really good paired with a red dress. You also can consider wearing colors like navy, brown, or purple depending on what it looks like with your red dress. Make sure to take a step back and look in a full-length mirror when deciding which colors go best with your red dress.

What Kind of Jewelry Can You Wear?

Probably the easiest way to add a pop of color and accessorize a red dress is by pairing it with your favorite jewelry. If you really want your accessories to pop, then you can go for a statement necklace. A statement necklace is an oversized necklace that usually has pops of color or large design.

You could also opt for a simple silver chain necklace that you can add a pendant or just keep it simple. Wholesale sterling silver chains are beautiful and can look great with your red dress. You could wear one chain or even choose a few different chains that are different lengths to go for a layered look.

When it comes to choosing your accessories you can also go for unique gold jewelry which can truly complement your red dress. Chunky jewelry like a thick gold bracelet will give your dress a different dynamic. On the other hand, you could add dainty little accent jewelry to your red dress as well.

As you can tell adding jewelry as an accessory to your red dress can really help pull the look together. If you want something a bit different than gold or silver, then opt for something black or white. But if you truly want to be a bit bold with your red dress, then you should go for more drastic colors like navy or purple.

Shoes, Shoes, and More Shoes!

You may think that finding the perfect shoes to go with your red dress for an upcoming event could be difficult but it is actually a great way to accessorize. Your red dress will need the perfect pair of shoes to help tie your entire look together. Luckily, you have lots of options when it comes to finding shoes that go with your red dress.

The first option is to wear a classic black heel. This is a simple but great way to help to accessorize your red dress. It is classic and any black shoe that you choose will definitely go with your dress. If you’re going with a black heel, then you may want to choose one that you’re comfortable in so your feet don’t hurt at the end of the night.

Another option that is a little bit more daring would be to choose a chunky white heel. A think white heel would look super cute with any red dress and it would help to add an extra pop of color to your dress. Chunky heels are also very on-trend right now so you may want to find the perfect ones to go with your red dress.

Lastly, if you have a lot of other accessories and are just looking for a simple shoe to go with your red dress, then you should opt for a nude pump. This is a great shoe if you want your dress or jewelry to really stand out in your outfit.

Choose the Perfect Bag

When it comes to choosing the best purse or bag that goes with your red dress it isn’t about functionality. When you’re attending a party or event you really shouldn’t bring much besides or ID, phone, and a debit or credit card. Instead, you’re going to want to choose the perfect bag or purse that compliments your outfit.

Most of the time it is better to opt for a smaller and simple bag to go with your red dress. If you’re already using other colors to help accessorize your red dress, then you should make sure your bag or purse also goes with those colors. For example, if you have black or white shoes, then you should make sure that your bag matched that.

The purse or bag that you choose can really help to make your red dress feel more formal or casual. If you choose a silver or gold clutch to compliment your red dress, then you will have a much more formal vibe.

What Accessories to Wear With a Red Dress

When it comes to figuring out exactly what accessories to wear with a red dress, you have many different options. If you want to make sure that your red dress is the focal point of your outfit, then you should choose simple accessories that help to complement the dress.

Ultimately, you should do a bit of trial and error when it comes to figuring out exactly which accessories to pair with your red dress. Make sure you have a full-length mirror so you can see the whole outfit.

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