how much does surrogacy cost

Surrogacy cost can be within reach if planned carefully. 

The first question that comes to would be parent’s mind is “How much does it cost to have a surrogate baby?” Well, the answer depends on many factors. In this article, we will try to explain surrogacy cost, stepwise.

The surrogacy cost in the USA is outrageously high. The typical surrogate cost of IVF with surrogacy program in North America can range from $90,000 -to $150,000.

On the other hands, the lowest surrogacy cost is possible in east European countries like Ukraine and Georiga with full legal security.  Some international surrogacy countries offer legal yet affordable surrogacy process ranging from $42,000 and go up to $45,000. That is a much more affordable option for married hetero couples who are unable to pay high US surrogacy Costs.

A relatively new surrogacy country in South America has been gaining momentum for low-cost surrogacy for gay couples. The cost of surrogacy in Colombia, for a guarantee baby program, is as low as $64,000. That is a new and exciting option for single males.

Till now, high surrogate mother costs remain one of the most limiting factors for intended parents who wish to build a family through surrogacy. But not anymore!!

In this article we will cover:

  1. How much does surrogacy cost- Surrogacy cost breakdown?

  2. Miscellaneous surrogacy cost to consider

  3. List of Incidental Surrogacy Cost- To Know how much actual surrogacy cost can be!

  4. Tips to control high gestational surrogacy cost

  5. Conclusion for surrogacy cost, worldwide.

surrogacy cost worldwide

How much does surrogacy cost?- Surrogacy cost breakdown

Each surrogacy is unique and consists of factors that can affect the overall surrogacy cost.

US surrogacy costs in State like California, where surrogate mothers are in high demand, is much more.

Beside surrogate mother compensation, other expense like surrogacy attorney fee, IVF cost, Egg donor cost, and administrate cost varies from state to state.

Surrogacy cost depends on many factors, which are not even known to Intended Parents on the micro level. But mainly there are two factors which cover most of the surrogacy cost.

The first is, living costs in surrogacy country, which largely influences the surrogate compensation.

By way of example, the cost of a surrogate mother from Eastern European countries is less than half of what the price of a surrogate mother in the USA.

However, their real compensation is equalled about the same as American surrogates when adjusted for cost of living.

The surrogate mother’s cost is higher in the US. The surrogate price is calculated based on the State where she lives in and if she had been a gestational carrier earlier.

The 2nd primary factor is the cost of healthcare in the country where IVF and surrogate baby delivery is done.

It goes without saying that medical facilities are extraordinarily high in the US but is relatively expensive if compared with IVF IVF Clinics abroad.

American IVF clinics are frequently touted as the best globally. However, the intended parents should understand that the success rate of the pregnancy and quality of services are the same in European IVF Clinics.

In the meantime, the cost of an IVF process in the United States is about $25, 000 USD. But in other countries, the same IVF process costs about $5, 000 USD. So, overall surrogacy cost outside the USA is much cheaper.

In eastern European surrogacy countries, the total Surrogacy costs are usually paid during the 12-month surrogacy process and payments will be split into relatively equal, manageable instalments.

But for USA surrogacy process, an escrow account is created to transfer the full surrogate mother compensation at the beginning. It means when you start the surrogacy process in the USA, you need to pay a considerable lump sum amount to get even started.

In international surrogacy countries, you can start the surrogacy process with a limited amount of money and can pay in instalment as per the stage of the surrogacy process.

The bottom line is – the cost to be a surrogate mother in Asian or European countries is less and easily manageable.

worldwide surrogacy costSurrogacy Cost Breakdown can be understood as below:

Every surrogacy process is somewhat distinct, but all applications will incorporate each of these costs – either separate or bundled together.

All Intended parents ought to be familiarized with these payments. They should know the total surrogacy cost and how much to pay and when to pay.

1. Administrative or Consultation fee: Paid to Surrogacy Agency or third-party agent

Any respectable independent agent or surrogacy agency must consult future parents free of cost until they’re confident to move forward.

The surrogacy agency first job is to assist you in determining if surrogacy is the right solution for you. In several cases, it might not be. As becoming a parent with the surrogacy process come with the considerable amount of financial and emotional enterprise, you need to make sure hiring a gestational surrogate is the only option left for you.

If a surrogacy professional tries to sell you a program without first assessing your situation and reviewing options and underlying dangers, that ought to be an immediate red flag.

Your representative isn’t a salesperson – and his/her primary role is to assist you to lessen your total surrogacy cost while enhancing your chance of success. Ensure that your broker represents you and isn’t paid by or is financially related to the IVF Clinic.

That might create conflicts on your surrogacy agency priorities. Having a successful baby with eventless and hassle-free experience should be the main priority for you and your surrogacy agency.

At IVF Conceptions, we do offer no obligation free consultation and make sure you know your surrogacy options, globally.

Be informed of the pros and cons of each surrogacy process country wise, and then make an informed decision to choose the best surrogacy country for you.

2. Surrogacy Agency Fee: Paid to Surrogacy Agency

When you opt to begin the surrogacy process, you need to consider an important decision. Whether to use surrogacy agency services or not? A surrogacy agency help comes with an additional agency fee, but can make your surrogacy journey less tiring and stressful!!

The service fee is paid only once and is usually the only payment made directly to the Agent.

Surrogacy agency Fee covers its full service to you from the moment you contact them till the time you are home with a new baby.

One of the reasons for high surrogacy cost in USA high surrogacy agency fee of $15,000 to $30,000. However, in Asian countries, the typical agency fee starts from $3,500 to $5,000.

Surrogacy agency cost does include:

  • Finding a healthy surrogate mother for you. Discuss surrogate mothers cost with you.
  • Suggesting you best IVF Clinics or assisting you with your IVF Clinics for follow-ups.
  • Suggesting you an egg donor agency and helping you in selecting a matching egg donor for you.
  • Put you in touch with the qualified and experienced surrogacy attorney.
  • Liaising between you, surrogate mother, IVF Clinic, Egg donor agency and making sure all goes smoothly.
  • Preparing and set your expectation beforehand surrogacy process starts with each step and milestone.
  • Setting up the moderate expectation and I think it is mostly providing you emotional support when you need it most.
  • Try to keep the overall surrogacy cost low by negotiating the best possible price.

3. Administration Fees for selecting surrogate mother: Paid to Surrogacy Agency

This fee is usually paid when the parents are ready to opt for an egg donor or a surrogate.

The payment covers the expense of assessing and initially preparing your surrogate mother. Even though the surrogate agency usually has numerous prospective candidates, they won’t start complete medical evaluation until an Intended Parent have been matched with a surrogate.

At this time fertility tests, clinical evaluations, psychological test, criminal background checking are done. The surrogate mother must go through every step before she’s ready to sign a gestational surrogacy contract.

4. IVF Procedure Fees: Paid to IVF Clinic

Most IVF clinics won’t provide any medical services without an upfront full IVF Cycle fee, and this payment serves that purpose.

The IVF Fee or Medical procedure fee payment covers the egg donation/ sperm donation/ surrogate mother medical procedures.

It starts with the initial screening and consulting of the egg donor with the stimulation protocol.

Eventually and most importantly this fee is paid for IVF Cycle including screening fee for all parties. Additionally, it is a financial commitment to the IVF clinic that you’ll follow through on the surrogacy process.

It’s due when parents schedule their first visit to the IVF clinic to leave their sperm sample, or when they engage with the IVF clinic to plan their egg donation. In all countries, no matter which fertility clinics you work, take IVF fee in advance.

5. Surrogate Mothers Cost: Paid to surrogate Mother in stages.

One prominent question most IP have is “How much does surrogate costs? “

Well, the correct answers depend on many factors like- country you are planning to do surrogacy process and the surrogacy agency you are working.

Premium surrogacy agencies take extra care in finding the surrogate and thus the overall cost of surrogates is higher. In some cases, an experienced surrogate mother may ask for higher surrogate compensation.

In USA, the local laws frequently demand that whole surrogate compensation is paid in advance to an escrow account. The surrogate mother compensation is high and paid in advance in an escrow account. The surrogate mother monthly payments are released every month throughout the pregnancy. For this reason, typically a large first payment is needed when the surrogate is chosen and signed.

Its means you should manage surrogate compensation upfront to do surrogacy in the USA. That is one of the reasons surrogacy cost is much higher at the beginning when you do surrogacy in the USA

On the other hands, cross- border surrogacy in Ukraine or Surrogacy in Georiga, its opposite. The surrogate Mother gets $300 on the day of embryo transfer and then every month a small amount (as low as $200) till nine months.

Surrogate compensation is usually paid month by month throughout the pregnancy. Surrogate mother’s monthly instalments and prenatal care are much les but she gets a huge portion of her compensation at the end after baby delivery.

The bottom line is in eastern European countries, gestational surrogate costs are lower, and the most amount paid after the baby delivery.

6. Egg Donation Matching fee: Paid to Egg Donor Agency

Not all surrogacy cases needed an egg donor. So, this cost might be skipped in some cases.

Overall surrogacy cost remains a bit low if the female parent is using her eggs. Or else, in some cases, a friend or relative can be an egg donor for you.

No matter what your specific requirement is, finding the ideal egg donor is critical for many childless couples. Year-on-year, the average number of couples who use an egg donor for IVF Surrogacy cases is going higher.

Here it is worth to mention that for gay surrogacy program, having an egg donor is a must.

The typical egg donor agency fee is paid on matching egg donor. The egg donor agency fee covers the full services fee right from the selection of egg donor until the egg picks up and beyond that.

Egg Donor agency fee is consisting of below services:

  • Finding and matching a desired egg donor for the couples. Generally, they have a huge database of an egg donor which parents can review to find an egg donor for them.
  • Making sure that egg donor is qualified for egg donation by doing the background check upon information she has given.
  • Her psychological analysis and counselling to set her obligation.
  • Coordination and follow up between the IVF Clinics, egg donor and Intended Parents..

7. Surrogate pregnancy cost/Prenatal care: Paid to the Gynaecologist Clinic

The surrogate pregnancy cost is easy to manage if there is surrogate insurance in place. An eventless surrogacy experience is what we need to expect.

The surrogacy pregnancy cost or prenatal care starts when the surrogate mother pregnancy is confirmed. Prenatal care cost is used for surrogate’s housing and prenatal exams, ultrasound, doctor fee, and personal supervision.

Outside the USA, there is no trend in surrogate insurance. However, the cost of surrogate pregnancy care is not much and can be easily managed with less fund. In many cases, confirmation of pregnancy occurs approximately two weeks after the IVF process.

Pregnancy care fee is not refundable. If due to any reasons the surrogate pregnancy terminates, future instalments aren’t needed; however, the intended parents will lose all payment made at that point.

Payment could be made each month, or each trimester of the pregnancy. It is good to know the surrogacy cost breakdown for pregnancy care cost.

8. Baby Delivery Fee: Paid to Baby Delivery Hospital

This payment covers the cost of baby delivery and the postnatal care of the surrogate.

We have seen that 99% of the time this cost is not included in the surrogacy price list.

It comes under miscellaneous/additional cost. The cost of surrogate baby delivery varies hugely, country wise.

Since deliveries frequently occur prematurely and without warning (especially in case of twins), this payment is often necessary before the estimated delivery date.

To give an example, just four months back we had such case for a single father.

His surrogate carried twins, and she was in pink of her health. All of a sudden her water broke around week 31. The babies need to be taken out immediately via urgent C-section. The babies were kept in NICU for two months before they can go home.

Luckily, we had a professional and dedicated local team and medical help, who took the decision within hours and went ahead with the procedure.

The father came after one week and had to pay all balance hospital bill in one go.

There is the reason most healthcare professionals swear to have one healthy baby than twins.

In some surrogacy cases, mostly when opting for cross-border surrogacy program. The final compensation of the surrogate is retained until after delivery. That is done to make sure surrogate is being available throughout the bureaucratic process of applying for citizenship and passports of the baby.

9. Baby DNA Test/Exit Process Cost: Paid to local attorney/Embassy

Most surrogacy agencies assist the intended parents with the paperwork required to register the infant’s birth and to begin the process of establishing the infant’s citizenship.

They will be guiding and assisting in getting the birth certification, copies of the surrogacy contract, hospital records of the birth and embassy documentation, translations, etc.

Cross-border surrogacy agency may conclude additional fees to help the infant’s return home with your parents.

The DNA test to confirm the baby genetic link with the parent is an essential part of the surrogacy process. The DNA test cost varies from country wise and Genetic labs, but it can be around $600- $1000.

In some cases, the legalization process needs a court order; parents may expect to pay legal fees directly to a local attorney. To get the full parental right of the baby, a court order is needed in countries like Laos and Colombia.

Other small payments may contain having documents notarized, translated, or apostilled. These are typically quite a tiny charge.

A well-managed IVF and Surrogacy services have all inclusive surrogacy cost. They will cover surrogate compensation, egg and sperm donation, IVF processes, prenatal care, and baby delivery.

Miscellaneous surrogacy cost to consider

Most IVF Clinics and surrogacy agencies do not tell you upfront about a few extra expenses.

These “additional fee” or “Incidental fee” are placed at the bottom of the price list.

But the truth is, these are an essential part to review as it gives you an accurate indication of the actual surrogacy cost.
Generally, a typical surrogacy cost price list does not include egg donation fee, hotel accommodations, airline tickets, specific legal procedures, baby delivery fee or exceptional healthcare for the infant or the surrogate mother.

Nevertheless, trusted surrogacy agencies do include most of these costs in advance and do not give surprises later.

There are lots of factors to contemplate when determining the overall surrogacy cost. The extra or incidental cost add up rapidly. It is essential for the intended parents to do careful research and consider several surrogacy professionals before picking the one which is economically right for them.

This incidental surrogacy cost, play an integral role in making the final decision. Unfortunately, the outcome of an IVF Procedure and surrogacy services cannot be established, but at least you can be prepared.

All parties hope and expect to have positive pregnancy in the first attempt, but it might take longer to have the desired outcome.

Thus, there are good chances that you might end up using incidental cost, then not using it.

As you continue the research, here are a few additional questions to ask potential surrogacy professionals:

  • What fees and services are included in the total surrogacy cost they have given?
  • How much is the actual surrogate cost for her services?
  • Which services are not included and what is estimated fee for that?
  • Ask whether the services are included as a full cost and find out if the fees will expire and need to be repeated. Generally, the surrogacy agency fee is a one-time fee. Besides that, each cost can vary, case wise.
  • It is true that incidental expense is not easy to calculate as even surrogacy service provider do not predict how much time and attempts you might need. But they can give you the maximum estimated cost.
  • Ask if there is a guarantee surrogacy baby plan available for Intended Parents? Such surrogacy services come with surety that you will get baby for sure, no matter how many IVF cycle, egg donors and surrogate mothers they need for the desired outcome.

No all IVF Clinics and surrogacy agencies offer such money back or guarantee baby surrogacy program, but if anyone offer, you should opt for it.

We personally like and love offering Third Party Reproductive Servies which come with guarantee surrogacy baby or money back IVF Services. It gives much-needed peace of mind in otherwise unpredicted infertility treatments. On top of that overall surrogacy, cost remains much less than if you need to have many attempts.

surrogacy cost worldwideList of Incidental Surrogacy Cost- To Know how much actual surrogacy cost can be!

When you get a surrogacy price list from your service provider, there will be a typically long list of fees that you will find under incidental cost for surrogacy services:

  • 2nd transfer of embryos in surrogate mother, if the first transfer is not successful
  • If you are using same surrogate 2nd time, or new surrogate matched.
  • Embryos/sperm freezing
  • Twins pregnancy cost
  • PGD/NGS cost given per embryos
  • Embryos reduction
  • Embryos freezing fee
  • Ectopic pregnancy fee
  • Loss of uterus fee
  • Baby delivery fee
  • C-section additional fee
  • Administrative fee like notarization/apostle/translation
  • Extra IVF Fee, if not successful in one round of IVF
  • Shipment fee, if needed.
  • If the surrogate mother is hospitalized, the actual hospital bill
  • If the baby born premature, NICU fee
  • DNA test fee

This list is just for reference; there might be a more extra fee as per the induvial case.

Tips to control high surrogacy cost

The most important thing way to manage surrogacy cost is to be aware and make an informed decision.

For this, you need to give considerable time to research and understand the different options. That include different surrogacy destinations available in different countries, IVF and surrogacy fee analysis presented by various surrogacy agencies, and then decide what best work for you.

1. Use your egg donor, maybe a friend or family member.

2. To avoid the high surrogacy cost in the USA, most couples opt for “Independent Surrogacy” or “Indy Surrogacy”.  independent surrogacy cost is lower as a parent manage full surrogacy process himself minus surrogacy agency. In such cases, the parens manage thier full surrogacy journey themselves.  Cost of surrogacy without agency is less as no agency fee is involved.

3. Look out for legal yet affordable international surrogacy destinations.  It is not possible for every couple to pay high surrogacy cost in USA, so they can opt for more affordable surrogacy countries.  Just to give an example- Surrogacy in Ukraine/ surrogacy in Georiga/ Surrogacy in Colombia.  There are legal yet affordable options available outside the USA.

How much does surrogac cost?Conclusion for surrogacy cost, worldwide

Creating families through surrogacy is an expensive enterprise. At IVF Conceptions, we believe that money should not be a reason for not becoming parents.

That is why we continuously work to find low surrogate cost options in the USA and outside the USA.

We have developed a unique relationship with numerous IVF Clinics, around the world. Thus, we can offer, the most trusted and affordable surrogacy services in multiple countries.

Each couple has different surrogacy requirements, we manage each case individually with personal care and attention.

IVF Conceptions comes with surrogacy process advantage:

Being flexible and financial transparency is the need of the day, and that what we offer:

  • You can bring your egg donor or use egg donors of any ethnicity from our vast egg donor database. Having your egg donor will keep the overall surrogacy cost low.
  • We give the option of managing travel of surrogate mother for embryo transfer in your IVF Clinic. In this ideal with you have frozen embryos and you wish to have a surrogate mother to carry the pregnancy.
  • If required, our compassionate surrogate mothers are ready to travel to your city to give birth to a baby.
  • We are open to working with multiple IVF clinics. If you have shortlisted any IVF clinic, we will be happy to coordinate to bring surrogate for embryos transfer in your choice of IVF Clinic.
  • We are not biased and do give independent advice not motivated by financial gain.
  • Flexible and transparent in surrogacy payments are given.
  • Sometimes to be confident, it is good to speak to someone who travelled this path. We are open to offering a reference of previous IPs, who are ready to help others to realize their dream.
  • Free consultancy services. We charge no money at all for our consulting services.
  • We are “One Stop Shop” for egg donors, surrogate mothers, IVF procedure, legal assistance for baby exit and beyond that.

Our surrogacy services are trusted yet affordable with low surrogacy cost, guaranteed.

Surrogacy cost in USA (Los Angeles)

IVF with surrogacy cost- 115,000 USD

IVF & surrogacy in the US is done in one of the leading fertility and best surrogacy clinics in LA. The full package includes your surrogate, clinic procedures, & legal fees. Available to all, married couples, singles or LGBT couples.

Surrogacy cost in Mexico:

Guarantee Surrogacy Baby in Cancun, Mexico

IVF with local Mexico Egg Donor and Surrogate Mother cost- 105,000 USD

Surrogacy in Mexico can be offered with Pregnancy Guarantee with our partner IVF Clinic in Cancun, Mexico. Includes unlimited IVF and embryo transfer procedures until you have a successful birth. Available to all, married couples, singles or LGBT couples.

Surrogacy cost in Colombia:

Guarantee Surrogacy Baby Bogota, Colombia

IVF with Egg Donor and surrogacy cost- 64,000 USD

This is new surrogacy options and can be recommended to single male/gay couples. Till now it was not possible to offer affordable yet legal surrogacy services to a single male or gay couples. But surrogacy in Colombia can solve this problem soon.

Surrogacy cost in Ukraine:

Guarantee Surrogacy Baby Kiev, Ukraine

IVF with European Egg Donor and surrogacy cost- 60,000 USD

Due to favorable laws surrogacy in Ukraine for married couples can be a great option. Ukraine is a legally secure and affordable destination and offers guarantee baby services at an above price. Only available to married hetero couples with a recommendation letter from a local doctor.

Surrogacy cost in Georgia:

Guarantee Surrogacy Baby in Tbilisi, Georgia

IVF with European Egg Donor and surrogacy cost- 60,000 USD

Surrogacy in Georiga for guarantee baby program includes unlimited IVF with an egg donor and embryo transfer procedures in surrogate mother until you have a healthy baby. This program is exceptionally in demand due to low cost and live baby birth guarantee. Surrogacy in Georiga cost less than 50% of the typical USA surrogacy cost and fully legally secure. Available to only married couples.

Surrogacy cost in Russia:

IVF with Egg Donor & Surrogacy in Russia

IVF with European Egg Donor and surrogacy cost- 60,000 USD

Surrogacy in Russia remains one of the most favourable countries for surrogacy for single and married couples. It is the only country in eastern European, which offer surrogacy for singles. The IVF Clinic has world class standard with an exceptionally high success rate. The above price includes IVF, European egg donor, surrogacy services with full legal support. Available to married couples and single parents.

Surrogacy cost in Laos:

IVF with Egg Donor & Surrogacy in Laos

IVF with an Asian egg donor and surrogate mother cost – 60,000 USD

In Asian countries, now surrogacy is not legally secure due to Surrogacy ban from most of the countries. For surrogacy in Laos, there are not surrogacy laws, and the absence of regulations, make it possible. IVF is done in leading IVF Clinic with NGS facility available with success rate. It is more popular among the same sex or single parent from Asian countries like China. Open to all, married couples, singles or LGBT couples.

Surrogacy cost in India:

IVF with Indian Egg Donor & Surrogacy in India

IVF with the Indian egg donor and surrogate mother cost – 13, 00000 INR

Currently, surrogacy in India is only allowed for Indian citizens only. We work with one of the leading fertility clinics in the capital of India, New Delhi. Our Clinic offers best ART practice with affordable and ethical practices.

Are you looking to become a parent via surrogacy? Do not let high surrogacy cost to be a hindrance in your parenthood. Contact us now to get started with lower surrogacy cost alternative.