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San Diego Ad Agencies are at the top of the list when compared to other national agencies. The advertising agencies in San Diego are impressive and measure up to any ad agency in New York, San Francisco, L.A., Chicago, or Miami. Even the most respected advertising agencies in these cities will tell you that the level of creative advertising, campaigns, and digital savvy is every bit as good as in the big metropolitan areas.

If you are considering an ad agency for your business, compare and measure each agency by more than just design and recognition. Measure them by how effective they have been for others and whether they give good bang for the buck.

Here’s how you should measure ad agencies against each other:

  1. How effective are they at achieving their client’s goals?
  2. How effective are they at connecting with consumers and prompting them to take an action?
  3. Do they produce a return on investment?
  4. How hands-on are they with their clients?
  5. Do they pass down important responsibilities to lower level professionals or even interns?
  6. Is their design determined by prior research and practical thinking, or just artistry?
  7. Do they brand companies with a solid messaging foundation?
  8. Do they use comprehensive marketing approaches?
  9. Do they have the capacity to offer full services from TV to Internet and beyond?
  10. Are their digital advertising services on par with their creative savvy?
  11. Do they offer a full suite of services?
  12. What are their values, vision, and business philosophy?

Some of these questions are hard to answer, but having worked with and competed against some of the best ad agencies in all of these cities, we’re still impressed with San Diego advertising agencies. We think we attract the best of the best here in San Diego, and because we know we’re up against larger ad agencies, we may always have something to prove. We’re passionate about our client’s clients, and we’re driven by building a reputation of excellence. Why go out of town when you can get great ad agencies in San Diego.

These days with business being hyper-competitive in most markets, it’s important to hire an ad agency that can create a compelling brand, then bring it to life with a solid web presence, and finally drive traffic through creative and hands-on advertising methods. Every advertising agency that regards themselves as a full service agency needs to have strategic business consultants, marketing strategists, branding specialists, copywriters, social media experts, SEO experts, website developers, creative designers, and digital marketers.

It’s not always important to hire a full service ad agency. You can hire agencies that are small, but who have the connections to help you get all that you need. This might be more trouble than it’s worth, but it’s certainly an option. These days most agencies are sized between four to fifteen employees. There are much larger agencies but there are fewer around than in years past. Since many people work from home and remotely these days, agencies don’t have to be as large as they used to be.

Since we live in a virtual digital world, you have the option of choosing any ad agency you want as long as they meet your criteria. Learn as much as you can about their capabilities, process, values, and business philosophy. This is more important than where the agency is located.

If you are looking for a full service ad agency, contact us here at MAD Group. We are a San Diego Ad Agency that works with businesses all over the country to help businesses grow.

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