Where can you go to find adorable cat t-shirts and dog t-shirts? Where can you go that supports pet adoptions? Where can you go where the retailers donate 10% of sales proceeds to help homeless animals? Believe it or not, you can find all this in one place, right here at CattyCollins.com.

CattyCollins.com is an online store specializing in both dog t-shirts and cat t-shirts. The t-shirts are very cute and feature either a dog’s image, a cat’s image or the imagery centered around adopting homeless pets. One of our most popular designs is the “Adopt” shirt which has a superimposed dog or cat included in the design. All of our shirts include a dog or cat design to help empower the customer as well as show their support for adoption and animal rescue.

The shirts are available in men’s, women’s, girl’s and boy’s sizes. The men’s and boy’s t-shirts include a shirt with a unique camo pet paw print design. There is a girl’s t-shirt that features a yin yang cat design which is becoming very popular with our customers. Another fan favorite is the heart pattern design. These dog t-shirts have a dog paw print with a heart pattern featured inside it.

Our t-shirts come in both short sleeve and long sleeve in men’s and women’s sizes. We also offer tank tops for women that are a terrific way to support and promote your passion for animal rescue during those hot summer days. All shirts feature a variety of colors as well as traditional white and black.

While most customers are impressed with our shirts, we believe the goal and story behind Catty Collins is equally impressive.

The inspiration for Catty Collins actually came from our six-year-old daughter, Collins. After spending the day with a group of feral cats at a local non-profit organization, we were inspired to tackle pet homelessness. We came up with the idea of creating a line of dog t-shirts and cat t-shirts. These t-shirts were created to reflect each individual’s love for their pets as well as show their support for animal rescue. By wearing these shirts, customers help to express the message of both love and the need for kindness through animal rescue. Collins’ love of animals and her talent for fashion and art helped to inspire the designs for our shirts.

When the shirts were designed, Catty Collins wanted the design to reflect the qualities that our pets can show us; compassion, optimism and love, love and more love.

Just making and selling the shirts was not enough for our family, we wanted to spread the word about the overwhelming amount of homeless and abandoned pets and what action could be taken to help. Our slogan encapsulates our mission:




To prove this, we’ve decided to put our money where our mouth is. With every purchase, we’ll donate 10% of proceeds to help save abandoned animals. We also want to help connect our customers with a loving and caring animal while we do our part to help save abandoned pets. That’s why we are proud to offer a link to The Shelter Pet Project on every page of our website. Using this tool, you can give your location and pet preference and be matched with your perfect companion right away.

Catty Collins’ goal is to bring community and nonprofit organizations together in a partnership to end pet abandonment. We have set out to inspire those that love animals to reach out and spread awareness of this growing problem.

There are many reasons for animals to become homeless. In some cases, the owners just cannot take care of their pets any longer. Finances, allergies, restricted living quarters and sometimes because the animal has become aggressive can force someone to send a pet to a shelter. But most pets end up in shelters or on the streets because they have just been abandoned and treated as disposable.

The percentage of abandoned animals that find permanent homes is very low, only 10% for dogs. An estimated 70 million pets are without homes today, of which almost 3 million will be euthanized annually because they are deemed ‘unadoptable’.

You can help to prevent your pets from joining the number of homeless pets by doing a couple of simple things. Cats and dogs will run away from time to time; By making sure they have proper identification it will lessen the possibility of your pet becoming homeless. Chipping your pet is an excellent idea because the animal cannot disengage from the chip.

Additionally, all pets should be spayed or neutered to prevent puppies and kittens that cannot be cared for. A cat that has not been spayed can have two litters of kittens each year. A litter can have as many as six kittens. A dog can produce one litter per year with one to six puppies in each litter.

These statistics are staggering and may feel quite overwhelming. However, there are solutions if we all work together. Check out your local shelter and see how you can help through donations, volunteering or adopting. And of course, show your support with Catty Collins t-shirts and we’ll do our part to help too.