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Almost 80% of Americans deal with foot pain. Considering we’re on our feet for the majority of the day, this number isn’t all that surprising, especially when many don’t have the right posture and/or footwear.

While the pain can just be a nagging one, sometimes, it can affect your quality of life. In such cases, it is recommended to see a medical professional for some relief.

There are a number of podiatrists in the greater Phoenix, AZ area. Here’s how a foot specialist can help and how The Foot Doc™ approaches its practice and patients.

They Can Diagnose Your Issue

The mechanism for walking and bearing weight on your legs and feet is a complicated process. You might know that you get pain in your feet, but perhaps you’re not quite sure what the root cause is.

For example, is it an unhealed toe fracture or is it just an ingrown toenail causing problems? It can be hard to tell and more serious conditions can only be ruled out by a trained professional.

As podiatrists we are trained to conduct carefully examinations, including tests where needed, and understand and gain insights from your medical history to determine exactly what causing you the pain and discomfort.

They Can Prescribe You the Right Treatment

Treatments for foot issues aren’t one-size-fits-all solutions. Once a foot specialist understands what’s ailing you, they can prescribe a treatment plan that’s customized just for your unique situation.

For example, if your issues are related to flat feet, a solution as simple as custom insoles for your shoes may be all that’s needed. For some, custom orthotics are needed to help alleviate pain or help treat conditions.

In other cases, treatments may require the setting of broken or fractured bones. If needed, they may recommend and perform surgery. In addition, podiatrists can prescribe you medications or administer corticosteroid injections when required.

They Can Help Prevent Future Injuries and Pain

Patients who have sprained an ankle or suffered a fracture may, in some cases, be more susceptible to future injury.

To prevent you from sustaining further injury or chronic conditions related to the initial injury, routine visits to the podiatrist may help. In addition, a foot specialist can educate you on how to prevent future issues and strengthen affected areas of the feet. For instance, they may recommend specific exercises known to improve and strengthen areas of the feet. They may work closely with a physiotherapist to strengthen specific areas or your entire body, reducing chances of further injury substantially.

See a Foot Specialist in Phoenix, AZ

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your feet, it is best to see a podiatrist. Now that you know how one can help you, the next step is to find a foot specialist in the Phoenix area.

Consider us at The Foot Doc™. Dr. O’Bryant is dedicated to giving every one of his patients tailored treatments for the best results possible. We are a full-service, board qualified, podiatric provider using both time tested practices and the latest innovations in medicine to guide how we care for our patients. We treat everything from every day aches and pains to major foot and ankle injuries and deformities. Quality podiatric care with a patient-focused approach makes us the premier foot and ankle specialists in Arizona.

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