Eminencee has released his new single, “The Dark Side,” on Spotify. The Houston-based rapper wants to help his listeners see the world from a different perspective and find a purpose in life. Before rapping as Eminencee, James Edward Shepard was a young kid dealing drugs on the streets of Houston. At the age of 20, he decided it was time for a change and trained with two former NFL players to become a professional athlete. He’s now taking the hip hop world by storm, releasing tracks with important and relatable subjects for the masses. Fans wanting to learn more about Eminencee can visit theeminencee.com or connect with him on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. 


HOUSTON, Texas — April 28, 2020 — James Edward Shepard, a former football player turned Houston rapper, Eminencee, has released his latest single “The Dark Side” on Spotify.

Shepard’s musical inspiration is to help listeners see the world from a different perspective and find a purpose in life. His previous albums, “Climate,” “Soulsome,” “Elevation,” “Imagination,” and “Temptation” all sought to do this, as well as his custom hashtag, #MakePurposePopular.

“I love words and sounds, so I like to play with words and use them as Legos or Tetris metaphorically. There is passion behind a craft with vision,” said Shepard. “My goal is to promote purpose through hip hop.” 

His life story is as unique as his music. Shepard fell into the local Houston gang scene when he was 13. He sold drugs on the street until the age of 20 when he decided to change his life for the better. One thing he’d always dreamed about was playing football, so he befriended two former NFL players who showed him the fundamentals of the game.  

After a few years of hard work and a renewed spiritual connection to God, Shepard went from a kid who never played high school sports to a professional athlete. He expanded his perspectives by playing overseas and now wants to share his unique experiences through music. 

“I put my views into my music,” he said. “I’m a lyrical bomb threat led by my faith. I touch on a lot of relatable subjects in my rap lyrics.”

Visit theeminencee.com to learn more about the artist and his music. Fans can connect with Eminencee on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

You can listen to some of his previous music on YouTube or download other popular tracks from Eminencee on Spotify: “Ape Blog,” “Hallelujah,” “Pull Up,” “Dope Headz,” “Broken Relationships,” “Letter of the Day,” or “Bandanna Eyes.” 

ABOUT EMINENCEE: Eminencee’s goal is to promote purpose. He wants to open your mind to a different perspective, a different set of binoculars that are able to capture what your eyes can’t see. Eminencee, also known as James Edward Shepard, is a former Houston football player turned rapper. His new single, “The Dark Side,” is now available on Spotify. Learn more about him at theeminencee.com or connect on social media. 

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