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How to clean your house from top to bottom with our house cleaning checklist. Find out how to clean with products that are good for your family and earth.

Almost 80% of Americans set “spring cleaning” as an annual tradition. Another 60% try to clean the majority of their home this year.


Are you trying to make sure your home is spick and span? Want to remain eco-friendly before you start deep cleaning? Give this going-green house cleaning checklist a try.


With these tips, you can deep clean your house while doing your family and mother earth a favor.


Get rid of the dust bunnies and get your home sparkling! Discover how to clean your house while going green with these easy tips today.

1. Gather Your Favorite Green Products

Before you start cleaning, it’s important to add the right tools to your house cleaning checklist.


Consider looking into products that are natural and biodegradable. You’ll need a degreaser, microfiber towels, and products for individual surfaces.


Make sure to use the right product for each surface. Otherwise, using the wrong products could do more harm than good.


Make sure your products are eco-friendly and capable of cleaning bacteria, germs, dirt, and grease. For example, you can use cleaners that utilize nano formation technology. These products ensure your home is clean and healthy.


You can use one product to clean every surface, too!


These products reduce germs and microorganisms on every surface of your home. They can clean and maintain different surfaces, furniture, and household appliances.


In addition to gathering your favorite eco-friendly products, you’ll also need:


  • Brooms, dusters, and mops
  • Fresh air filters for the HVAC
  • Steam cleaner
  • HEPA vacuum
  • Paper towels
  • Lemon juice
  • Vinegar
  • Scrubber brushes


Gathering your supplies ahead of time can save you stress in the future. You won’t have to stop halfway through cleaning your home to head to the store.


Instead, gather everything you need before tackling your house cleaning checklist.

2. Tackle It Room by Room

For most people, spring cleaning can take about six days. Almost 30% finish within one or two days. How many days you want to spend cleaning is up to you.


Getting organized, however, can help you remain productive and efficient.


Want to know what order to clean your house in? That’s up to you! The most efficient way, however, is to tackle the more stressful rooms first.


Which rooms do you avoid when you’re quickly cleaning your home throughout the year? Which trouble areas do you rush to clean? You might want to start in those rooms, first.


Tackling those rooms first will help you use the majority of your energy on bigger tasks. Thankfully, your eco-friendly cleaning products can make cleaning easier.

The Kitchen

It helps to have a plan before you clean your house. In the kitchen, make sure to clean the:


  • Space above the cabinets and other high surfaces
  • Kitchen drain
  • Refrigerator and freezer (inside and out)
  • Dishwasher
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Floors, walls, and baseboards
  • Cabinet doors
  • Backsplash
  • Stovetop
  • Drawers and shelves
  • Countertops

As you clean through the fridge, freezer, and cabinets, toss away any expired foods.

The Bathroom

Many people consider the bathroom one of the more difficult places to clean. Use this checklist to deep clean every bathroom in your home:


  • Replace the shower curtain liner
  • Clean the tub and shower
  • Clean the showerhead
  • Sweep and mop the floors
  • Wipe the walls and baseboards
  • Clean your makeup brushes
  • Throw away expired medications, makeup, and personal products
  • Wipe the mirror down
  • Scrub the tile grout
  • Clean the toilet and hardware
  • Clean the vanity

Don’t forget to take out the trash! Turn on the air vent to keep your cleaning supplies from lingering in the air, too.

The Living Room

Take the time to dust and polish every area of your living room. You can also:


  • Clean the window sills
  • Wash the windows (inside and out)
  • Vacuum the sofa and chairs
  • Wash the blankets and pillows
  • Dust and clean the lampshades
  • Sanitize the remotes
  • Clean the ceiling fans
  • Dust and clean any other decor
  • Vacuum/mop the floors

If you have carpets or rugs, consider giving them a shampoo!

3. Start Decluttering

As you work through your cleaning checklist, try to declutter your home as much as possible.


Clutter can cause feelings of anxiety. Instead, remove the items you no longer need throughout your home. Then, give the items that remain a designated space.

When you use an item, put it back in its spot when you’re done.

4. Begin at the Top and Work Down

As you clean your house, make sure to start at the top and work your way down.


Clear away dust and cobwebs near the ceiling. The dust will fall toward the floor. Starting at the top before you vacuum can save you valuable time.


Then, use a HEPA vacuum to capture the smallest dust particles. Clean all the dust bunnies out of your home.

Get every little nook, cranny, and hard-to-reach spot with your attachments.

5. Reduce Allergens

Don’t let dust impact your family’s health. Instead, find ways to reduce allergens throughout your home.


First, make sure to use this house cleaning checklist to stick to a schedule. You don’t have to wait until spring to start spring cleaning. Instead, clean your home regularly.


Learning how to deep clean your house can reduce dust.


Make sure to dust and wipe down the surfaces throughout your home. Use microfiber cloths and cleaning tools to get even the smallest dust particles.


Don’t forget to focus on hard-to-reach areas, including baseboards and room corners. Target the walls, lampshades, and spaces between your headboards and walls.


Every day, hair, skin, and other particles fill your home. Make sure to wash your bedding every week to keep these particles from filling your bed.


It’s important to vacuum often, too. Vacuum heavy-traffic areas multiple times a week.


Don’t forget to switch your HVAC filter out every few months. Your filter can catch pet dander, dust mites, and pollen. When it’s dirty, your HVAC unit will work overtime to push clean air through.

Keep your filters clean to clear the air!

2021 House Cleaning Checklist: 5 Tips to Help You Deep Clean Your House

Ready for a thorough, eco-friendly deep clean? Grab your supplies and use this house cleaning checklist! With these tips, you can clean your home from top to bottom without a problem.


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