Regina, SK, 5 September 2021 — How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

When considering a significant home renovation, most homeowners want to know the remodel’s cost and value. There is an expansive price range for bathroom renovations, which makes researching bathroom renovation costs challenging.

“We can do a lot with a smaller budget, and homeowners might be surprised to learn that they can upgrade their bathroom for less than expected,” said Roy Zalewski, Owner of Bathroom Brothers in Regina. “On the other hand, the sky is the limit when it comes to high-end luxury bathroom renovations, and they can get costly.”

However, an upscale bathroom remodel can run a high price tag, depending on the scope of the project. With such a range, homeowners seek general estimates for bathroom renovations – from low-end, mid-range, and high-end remodels.

Bathroom Brothers offers full-scale bathroom renovations in Regina, Saskatoon, and Calgary. Recently, they produced a Bathroom Renovation Cost guide to help homeowners plan and budget for their own remodel.

For a low-end bathroom upgrade, the bathroom renovation cost can be as low as $5,000. For a mid-range bathroom renovation, the average price is about $15,000. And for a high-end luxury bathroom remodel, the cost can be $25,000 plus.

“It really depends on the size of the bathroom, if you’re replacing everything or changing the layout of fixtures, and the cost of the materials you choose,” said Zalewski. “These numbers are rough estimates. For an accurate quote on your specific project, we recommend you contact a trustworthy bathroom renovation contractor to discuss your goals and budget.”

Bathroom renovations in Calgary, Regina, and Saskatoon have a good return on investment. Remodelling’s 2021 Cost vs. Value report showed that a mid-range bathroom remodel can recoup 60% of its cost at resale. The bathroom renovation in the report’s example was a completely upgraded space. Compared to other interior renovations, this is an excellent return on investment.

Bathroom Brothers offers full-scale bathroom renovations in Saskatoon, Regina, and Calgary regions. They offer free same-day quotes, and in some cases, can complete a full bathroom renovation in just one day. In addition, they offer expert advice and are committed to flawless results on time and within budget.

About Bathroom Brothers: Bathroom Brothers offers full-scale bathroom renovations in the Southern Saskatchewan and Calgary regions. They offer free same-day quotes, and in some cases, can complete a full bathroom renovation in just one day.

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