Initiative aims to reduce “RT Burnout” while improving patient care.


FRANKENMUTH, MI, October 20, 2020 – Telerespiratory pioneer rtNOW announced a new service aimed at solving respiratory therapy problems in the HME/DME healthcare industry. Named “HME On-Call”, the service provides 24/7/365 access to a respiratory therapist who is trained to troubleshoot HME calls using proprietary telehealth software.

“HME Companies have had a rough time keeping respiratory therapists – especially during the current RT (respiratory therapist) shortage,” said Chuck Stadler, Jr., President and CEO of rtNOW. “A large part of the reason is that too much is required of them. Our telerespiratory therapists have been trained to navigate the complexities of HME equipment, patient interactions via telehealth, and how to dispatch a client’s RT only when necessary. As a result, patients and providers are safer, disease exposure is mitigated, and respiratory therapists are able to have the work-life balance necessary for a long-term position. This also reduces costs associated with RT turnover, downtime, and continuity of care.”

The concept of telerespiratory care has been rapidly gaining momentum in recent years. rtNOW has had success as the first respiratory-care specific telehealth company in the nation.

“We have been fortunate to maintain a culture of innovation, and our services have been well received. HME On-Call utilizes our CoreLink software solution, making HIPAA-compliant telehealth easily accessible to most patients. We know the industry well, we want to connect patients and providers, and we have a passion for empowering respiratory care,” Mr. Stadler said.

rtNOW is a respiratory care telehealth solution that provides up to 24/7/365 access to an experienced, licensed respiratory therapist. It provides inpatient and outpatient respiratory care solutions, as well as solutions for higher education and HME/DME companies.


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