Do you hate cleaning the house?

Of course you do! Tiding up some clutter is one thing, but the time and energy it requires to get things sparkling can feel like you’re taking on a part time job.

What can you do to save that precious time? These days we have all sorts of tech devices that make our lives easier. It’s time to bring cleaning into the digital age, too.

Sure, when the Roomba vacuum made its debut in 2002, it didn’t exactly make cleaning more efficient. However, in the years since then, there has been huge advancements in this type of technology.

There are cleaning devices out there that really work! Plus, you can often find different brands and models at a variety of price points.

Are you tired of having to clean your house by yourself? Forget about hiring a housekeeper; just buy one of these smart cleaning gadgets.

iRobot Robot Mop

For a while, the biggest advancement in mopping was the Swiffer. Sure, it eliminated the need for a messy bucket, but you still had to use the same amount of elbow grease.

With the iRobot Robot Mop, the human is pretty much taken out of the equation.

The robot can clean hardwood, tiles, and stone. You don’t have to worry about it spraying on the walls or accidentally gliding onto your carpet, either.

The standard model is priced at $169.99. There is the added cost of mop pads that need to be replaced. You can get disposable ones in packs of 10 or you can get washable ones that will last a while.

Brilliant Pad Indoor Dog Potty

Disposable potty pads are unsightly and unsanitary. That’s why this is an amazing gadget for anyone with a new pup they’re trying to house train.

If your dog is under 25 pounds, then you can use this throughout its life. Once they learn how to use it, they can go to the bathroom all on their own.

Is there a snowstorm outside and it’s too dangerous to go out? Did your dog walker cancel last minute and you’re stuck in a meeting? You don’t have to worry about an accident in the house.

They’ll use it like a regular potty pad. It absorbs any excess moisture. Then, it will automatically roll up the pad and seal it, eliminating odors until you get a chance to dispose of it.

The SonicScrubber for Kitchen

This kitchen gadget is like an electric tooth brush for your home, helping you clean every nook and cranny. Plus, it’s super affordable and you can get it right on Amazon.

The oscillating brush head power scrubs all types of surfaces. Clean tough to reach crevices around the sink. Use it to get the grout looking like it did when you first moved in.

There are additional brush heads that you can buy separately. There’s even a larger one that you can put aside to clean dirty dishes.

Karcher KB5 Cordless Sweeper

Sweeping the floor seems like such a simply activity. Until it’s time to get the dirt pile into the dust pan. It’s frustratingly inefficient and there’s always a little dirt left on the floor.

That’s why the Karcher KB5 Sweeper is a gadget everyone needs in their home. It has an autostart system and is powered with rechargeable lithium batteries.

This cordless device is a convenient alternative to pulling out the vacuum whenever you want to take care of a small mess. When you’re done, just dump out the dust cup!

Hurricane SpinScrubber for Shower Cleaning

Cleaning the shower can feel like an impossible job that takes forever. The Hurricane SpinScrubber makes the task a lot easier.

This product is similar to the SonicScrubber, just a lot larger.

The spin brush scrubs a lot faster than you can, rotating 300 times per minute. Plus, it has an extendable handle. That way, the top of the shower will get just as thorough of a clean as the bottom.

FluidMaster Toilet Cleaner

The toilet bowl might not be the hardest area to clean, but it is the most unpleasant. That brush sitting in the corner is full of germs. Who wants to clean the thing that cleans the toilet?

Toss out the brush and get yourself the FluidMaster Cleaner. For $9.99 you can set up your toilet to clean itself.

You can easily install the system in most toilet bowls. It’s environmentally friendly, and cleans the toilet with every flush for 3 months.

Alfawise Magnetic Window Cleaning Robot

If you have high, hard to reach windows, cleaning them is a big pain. Who wants to pull out the step stool?

Then you have to clean the outside of the window, which is even worse. Meaning, it’s probably not getting done as often it should.

That’s why the Alfawise Magnetic Window Cleaning Robot is a must-have.

Just charge it, stick it on the window, and let it get to work. What if they don’t need a full scrub down, but you notice a few smudges? You can use the wireless remote control to direct the robot exactly where the mess is.

Verilux CleanWave Sanitizing Wand

For the deepest clean of all, get the Verilux CleanWave Sanitizing Wand.

Sanitizing wipes are wasteful, and often can’t get in between crevices where lots of bacteria hide. With the Sanitizing Wand, UV-C technology takes care of stubborn germs. Even ones that cause the flu!

Use it to clean on the go, too! It fits easily in a purse or computer bag. Use it to sanitize your desk at work or your seat on a plane.

These Cleaning Gadgets Make Life Easy!

Stop cleaning your grout stains with old toothbrushes. Toss out those smelly kitchen sponges. It’s time to step into the 21st century and let these cleaning gadgets make your life easier.

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