Het Vertaalbureau, a professional translation company based in Belgium, has added a free online translator onto their company website that is ideal for smaller translations. 


Moregem, Belgium, 8 December 2021— In a world with over 140 languages, it is a nearly impossible task to learn all of them. Luckily, there are companies such as Het Vertaalbureau that can help you with translations.

The Belgium-based company has added yet another helpful tool to their arsenal. On the company website, you can find their new free online translator. This translator is ideal for smaller, literal translations. If simply comprehending a phrase is your goal, this is the ideal translator.

The company breaks down their translation services into three different categories; digital, professional, and sworn translations.

With their digital translation services, you can translate an advertisement, a blog, or even a website. This service is especially helpful for marketing purposes. 

For employers who may be doing business in another language, the professional services may be more useful. The team can translate documents such as contracts or official correspondence. The team is well versed in technical, legal, medical, and financial translations.

There are also the sworn translations which consist of documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, drivers licenses, and notarial deeds. Don’t let the fear of bureaucracy hinder your progress! 

“We have prepared our team for just about any scenario involving translation,” said the CEO of Het Vertaalbureau.

Het Vertaalbureau has been translating for the public since 2000, so there is no shortage of experience here. The team is proud to boast a 100% customer satisfaction rate as well!

The process of getting a translation is simple. The first step in the process is the quotation. This is a quote that comes with no obligation. After you provide your translation request, the team determines the amount of time it will take and this, along with a few other factors determines the quote.

Next comes the actual translation process. A team of expert technicians works to translate your document. The translation is then double-checked by a project manager for accuracy, to ensure your translation has been done with no errors. 

After the document has been proofread, it is then delivered to you before your deadline. 

The team has worked with all sorts of clients, so there is no area in which they have not worked with before. Het Vertaalbureau has been regarded as one of the top translation firms in the entire industry. 

They work hard to provide you with accurate translations and will provide you with a product that you are satisfied with.

For more information on Het Vertaalbureau, and to access the free online translator, you can visit their website at het-vertaalbureau.com

About Het Vertaalbureau: Het Vertaalbureau is a company based in Moregem, Belgium. The team delivers professional translation services across a wide array of industries in more than 140 languages. The company has been in operation for over twenty years.

Contact Information:

Kristof Simoens
Het Vertaalbureau, Vrankaartstraat 7, 9790 Moregem, Belgium