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No one wants their home to be a drab, bland kind of a place, or – least of all – to seem like a cookie cutter template which simply mirrors every other apartment in the complex, or house on the block.

On the contrary — our homes are the locations where we spend many of our most intimate moments, and accordingly, we want them to be reflections of our personalities and interests. To that end, people often go to great lengths, and expend great cost, to decorate their homes in a variety of fairly elaborate ways.

Changing the wallpaper in your home, or painting decals on the walls with stencils, however, is often a costly and time-intensive process. And while customising our homes with furniture and ornaments can certainly do the trick, this, too, can be a costly and laborious process.

Vinyl wall art stickers, by contrast, present a perfect way of customising our homes in record time, and at minimal cost.

Here are a few of the ways you can use wall stickers to help make your home a reflection of your tastes and personality.

Decorate your child’s room, and turn it into their personal fantasy playground

Children are naturally creative and imaginative, and given half the chance, will seize upon the slightest opportunity to disappear into their own personal fantasy wonderlands.

If you have young kids, in particular, decorating your child’s room with vinyl wall art stickers, can be an excellent way of bringing a fairytale atmosphere to life, largely irrespective of their particular interests.

If your kids are really into dinosaurs, for example, wall stickers allow you to emblazon the room with silhouettes of Stegosaurus’ and Triceratops, that seem to be marching through a primaeval landscape. Or, if they’ve developed an interest in space, you could easily depict the entire solar system in wall stickers, and help to feed their burgeoning curiosity in astronomy in a manner that is both educational and captivating.

The possibilities are virtually limitless here. Consider getting your child’s input in the process. You’ll likely find that they’re bursting with ideas.

Set the stage in your home office to fast track you into a flow state

If you work from a home office as an entrepreneur, you’re likely familiar with the fundamental importance of having your home office environment streamline you into what is known as a “flow” state as effectively as possible, in order to maximise productivity and motivation.

Many people engage in fairly elaborate rituals, and use assorted props in order to lay out the right emotional and psychological cues that say “it’s now time to get to work.” Some famous writers, for example, have commented on using “lucky” props such as a particular, vintage fountain pen, for that purpose.

Wall stickers can fundamentally transform the entire ambience of your home office, according to whichever theme gets you “in the zone” most effectively.

You could even apply motivational quotes to your walls, in order to give you that extra little “boost” on those tough days when you’ve got to grind through the deadline, and might find enthusiasm dipping.

Turn your living room into a quirky reflection of your personality, in record time and with minimal fuss

People often go to great lengths in decorating their living rooms, not just for their own enjoyment, but also so that they create a welcoming and interesting environment for potential guests.

For people who live in apartments, and especially for those who may be required to move regularly due to work, this can be a bit of an issue. This is largely because the need to “travel light”, so to speak, can make ornamentation a somewhat impractical and arduous process.

Vinyl wall sticker art, on the other hand, allows you to turn any common environment – whether or not you’ve just moved in the day before – into a highly personalised space, without the need for a large number of props, or a degree in feng shui practice.

This is a collaborative post. Image via Aspect Wall Art.