Heby Städ & Flytt provides professional services for both companies and individuals in three areas: cleaning, moving and warehousing. They take what they do very seriously, therefore they have full liability insurance and our staff is professionally trained.


Sala, Sweden, 24 March 2022 — Are you looking for a cleaning company in Sweden?Heby Städ & Flytt is the perfect choice! They are experts in performing cleaning services -on single or recurring occasions- for both individuals and companies. How, what, and when they’ll come and clean is something that you will decide together so that you will receive the best possible service in the way that suits you the best.

By hiring one of their offered services at hebystad.se/flyttfirma-vasteras/ you will never have to worry again about the order and cleanliness around you. The sustainable well-established family Swedish company, Heby Städ & Flytt provides a variety of professional and insured cleaning and moving services in Sweden, while actively working to reduce the company’s overall environmental impact.

Because getting all the pieces of life’s puzzle to fall into place is not always easy, their weekly cleaning, general cleaning, display cleaning, cleaning services will help you achieve it. As seen on hebystad.se/flyttfirma-enkoping/ they have three different services for each necessity you might require:

  1. Home cleaning: With a weekly cleaning, general cleaning, display cleaning, or full cleaning. At Heby Städ, they will help you with the daily chores that stand in the way of your relaxation, in terms of cleaning in any case.
  2. Moving cleaning: All you need to do is make sure that the home is empty and that they have access to it. The rest is taken care of, by providing the right materials and equipment for cleaning.
  3. Corporate and office cleaning: A clean and fresh environment stimulates the people at the office, creating a most efficient job space. As a cleaning company with over 30 years of industry experience, they know how to achieve it. You can be calm and confident that the cleaning is done quickly and without problems. 

A clean, fresh environment stimulates job satisfaction and increases your efficiency. As a cleaning company with over 30 years of industry experience, they know exactly what and how to do it. Their top-quality services are available in the following locations: Avesta, Enköping, Fagersta, Hallstahammar, Harbo, Heby, Hedemora, Norberg, Sala, Skultuna, Surahammar, Tärnsjö, Vittinge, Västerås and Östervåla. Feel free to call them and they’ll make a plan for the cleaning help you want via phone or video calls together. After their call, you will receive a quote where you can see what is included and what it costs per month. The RUT deduction is deducted directly from the invoice.

So if you’re ready to experience a top moving, cleaning, or warehousing service that’s quality insured and suited to your specific needs, visit hebystad.se/stadfirma-vasteras/ and find out more about this great company that will simplify your life. Contact them today, and they will find a solution that suits you!

Contact Info:

Organization: Heby Städ & Flytt
Address: Sweden, Sala
Phone: 0224 77 500
Website: https://www.hebystad.se/