The luxury garment protection brand launched the journal on its website and will be publishing useful tips on how to store and preserve valuable clothing. These posts will also give customers helpful advice on how to store their garments with care for the environment in mind. Learn more about The Journal and Hayden Hill here.


Los Angeles, CA, January 26, 2022— Luxury garment protection brand, Hayden Hill, has launched a web journal where customers can find helpful tips on storing and preserving their valuable clothing. The clothing care articles in this Hayden Hill journal are full of interesting ideas on keeping and maintaining garments in an environmentally-sustainable manner.

The London-based clothing company has brought a new perspective in the way people store their clothes by providing organic garment storage products and valuable tips that will help preserve the items they love. As a brand that believes in fair pricing and ethical manufacturing, Hayden Hill quickly penetrated the US market and will be launching its most anticipated storage products soon.

“We believe in helping you preserve what you love. As a global brand, we are constantly striving to enhance the lives of our clients through high-quality products and offer advice too. This journal is our gift to our dear readers who want to get the best service from their garments while preserving the environment. Explore our best articles to protect and preserve your investment pieces,” said Amanda Hart, Hayden Hill Representative in London, UK.

As a fashion-forward company, Hayden Hill believes in preserving garments beautifully and effectively to prolong their lifespan. Some storage methods are not moth-proof and can eave a garment looking dull, dusty, and smelling of mildew. A new article on how to keep clothes fresh in storage was one of the first publications on the many posts about garment storage and preservation. It lists ten ways to keep your clothing from adopting odors from the surroundings during prolonged storage.

There are different ways to keep clothes from dust, creases, and odors during storage. Hayden Hill lets you in on the benefits of using garment bags to preserve clothing. The why use garment bags article explains four reasons why owning garments bags is crucial in preserving valuable clothing pieces. The blog is timely, seeing the fashion company is set to launch its garment bag collection soon.

“Although you can store or pack your clothing in several ways, garment bags are excellent for protecting wedding dresses, business attire, and finer fabrics from damage. If you want to keep pieces safe from dust, dirt, moths, and wear, a garment bag is the best choice for storage and transport. Our garment bag collection is launching soon,” added Amanda Hart.

About Hayden Hill: Hayden Hill is a luxury garment protection brand with a line of protection products made of sustainable materials. The London-based company has a global presence selling in the US with the intention of expanding across Europe and worldwide. It is a family-owned business that seeks to provide high-quality products crafted with elegance, functionality, and sustainability in mind. The firm also believes in ethical manufacturing, using organic cotton l to make its garment bags. Hayden Hill is part of the 1 percent for the planet, a drive to raise funds to protect the environment.

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