The most awarded pawnbroker in the world, New Bond Street Pawnbrokers, pointed out they had over 60 years of pawnbroking industry experience when they developed a technology-first mindset as a survival act during the latest difficult years all SMEs are experiencing since 2019. Learn more about the pawnbroking service of the future at


London, UK, 28 July 2021– When New Bond Street Pawnbrokers started their service, they had one clear objective: to bring one of the oldest trades in the world into the 21st century, a challenging mission for a company that’s part of a sector that has always been perceived as traditional. But their ambition and extensive knowledge got them positioned as the most awarded pawnbroker in the world, having won over 35 awards & nominations, including the National Pawnbroking Association Award they won in 2019.

But how does this pawnbroker, with over 60 years of pawnbroking industry experience, was able to thrive during one of the biggest crises we’ve seen in our contemporary era for SMEs? By emerging technologies in the financial sector and developing a technology-first mindset.

Ever since 2019, New Bond Street Pawnbrokers recognized that the digital transformation of all businesses represented a survival rather than a competitive requirement. By completing a comprehensive and innovative digital transformation program, they reached amazing results, for example, in one year their SEO website traffic is up by 257% and continues to increase at an exponential rate: imagine that during the last month, their traffic was up 357% YOY.

By bringing the latest technology to their business as Google Home Apps and Alexa, developing a VR App, and updating their Facebook, Twitter, and Website chatbots game, they’ve adapted to technology in a total percent. Another great strategy was using and testing a variety of AI content tools as Snazzy AI, Copysmith, where they learned to leverage outsourcing strategies and the rise of the platforms.

But that doesn’t stop there because they also understood that emerging trends were the key to grow and leapfrog much larger businesses, that’s why they also re-developed their website and content strategy by employing a professional film crew, renting a luxury mansion and drones to shoot two professional presentations video. And by having a lifetime of experience in providing loans against fine jewelry, loans on fine watches, diamonds, fine art, fine wine, luxury cars, antiques other fine personal assets: you’ll be able to spot Warhol paintings and Jaguar cars on these commercials that will leave you breathless and will help you understand a bigger picture on New Bond Street Pawnbrokers

What for others might seem like a “good to have” understand of how technology would impact your business for NBSP is understood as a “must-have”. If they were able to challenge the idea of all luxury pawnbrokers seeing as traditional they exhort all other SMEs to survive too, by betting on technology and transforming their businesses. 

For a better understanding of how to master both luxury and modernity in business, visit and learn more about the pawnbroking service of the future.

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Name: Constantin Singureanu.
Organization: New Bond Street Pawnbrokers
Address: 5 Blenheim Street, Mayfair, London W1S 1LD
Phone: 020 7493 0385
Email: [email protected]