Happy Heart Foundation is honored to win the prestigious Hero Brand Awards in the illustrious Emerging Hero category. 


Bangkok, TH, 7 January 2021 – Happy Heart Foundation is proud to announce that it is the winner of the Hero Brand Awards in the Emerging Hero category.

Happy Heart Foundation, a Bangkok-based educational foundation, is honored to win the prestigious Hero Brand Awards in the illustrious Emerging Hero category. 

Vorachand Thiengtham, founder and chairperson of the Happy Heart Foundation, explains that “Happy Heart Foundation was founded in July 2013…after it [had] been running under ‘The Happy Heart Group’ for 4 [years]. Finally, it was officially registered as ‘Happy Heart Foundation. Supported schools by our foundation [include] Raj Phatthana School [in] Chiang Rai Province, Ban Noen Phayom School [in] Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Ban Khao Daeng Schoo [in] Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, [and] Ban Maisanti School [in] Chiang Rai Province.”

Happy Heart Foundation provides a wide variety of services and products to help improve children’s lives, which are all offered on its website at www.happyh.org. 

About the meaning of Happy Heart, Thiengtham continues to state that, “when you do good merits with unconditional love and [whole-heartedly] give, it will make an impact on your soul, reaching the real meaning of ‘Happy Heart’. The total euphoria in your heart that no other words can describe.” 

With so many children seeking educational resources in Thailand, it can be difficult for families to know where to turn. That’s where Happy Heart Foundation comes in. With a community and education, the Happy Heart Foundation’s student support services are guaranteed to get them the tools they need to succeed.

Happy Heart Foundation also runs a Food for Thought Program, which Thiengtham describes as a project that believes, “that we all should have
enough food to eat. Enough food not to go to waste and enough to feed all. Children learn to grow their own vegetables and raise chickens to keep their eggs. They will then sell them to the school for providing lunch to the school children at lower than the market’s price. The money they received, return back to their next choice of vegetable seeds for growing them and sell them to the school again. This will help them to learn about basic business [skill]s and also as a [first-hand experienced] farmer!”

Learn more at www.happyh.org today!

About Happy Heart Foundation: Happy Heart Foundation is an educational foundation that is based out of Bangkok, Thailand, and was founded in 2013.

Official Disclaimer: “Founded in 2013, Happy Heart Foundation’s main concern to provide poor rural kids in Northern Thailand with education. They believe every child should have the opportunity and the right to learn. They also ensure that these kids have enough food so that they can have healthy minds.”

Contact Info:

Name: Ms. Vorachand Thiengtham
Organization: Happy Heart Foundation
Address: Happy Heart Foundation, 151/16 Phahonyothin 34, Bangkok 10900
Phone: +66959019555
Website: www.happyh.org