Gryo-Trac Corporation is releasing new self-sharpening cutter-head teeth technology. Make your days more productive with this new innovation. Attach it to your skid steer or excavator. Or take the plunge and purchase a lean green mulching machine. Learn more at


Summerville, SC, July 28, 2020- Gyro-Trac Corp. releases a new product: Self Sharpening Cutter-Head Teeth.

Their new innovative technology will make your mulching process go more smoothly and you will have the ability to get more work done.

“While it is given the same amount of fuel, horsepower, and weight, Gyro-Trac’s lean green mulching machine will outperform any other rotary-drum, mulching machine, cutter-head combination on the market. Period,” says Gyro-Trac co-founder, Daniel Gaudreault. “Nothing can compete with our new self-sharpening cutter-head teeth.”

Eliminate the hassle of sharpening your cutter-head teeth each day before use. Not only will you spend less time preparing for the day, but you will also be able to work your machine longer without having to stop for sharpening in between workdays. This will allow you to mulch more material in a shorter amount of time. You will also save money on labor costs with the self-sharpening teeth.

“No other cutter-head attachment is as fiercely made and reliable as the Gyro-Trac. They are designed from the ground up to pulverize more wood, at a faster pace than our competition, and leave behind less waste,” says Gaudreault.

Your excavator or skid steer mulchers will be a cut above the rest when it comes to work each day. In Gyro-Trac’s average cutter-head mulcher, you will find that mulching dulls the teeth relatively fast. With the self-sharpening cutter-head teeth technology, you will be able to work for up to 100 hours before you need to replace your cutter-head teeth.

Your team will have a huge spike in productivity when you invest in the newest cutter-head technology. Say goodbye to your employees standing around when it comes to the time it takes to prep your cutter-head before each mulching venture.

“Gyro-Trac’s spirit of innovation, determination, and brilliant engineering is crafted into each and every machine we build,” says Gaudreault. “Every mulcher is a purpose-built pieced of equipment that is ready for action.”

Forget about attaching Gyro-Trac’s high-quality cutter-head to your existing skid steers and excavators. With their forestry mulchers, you get the entire setup without having to put it together every time you are ready to use it. 

Make sure to sign up to be included in the first release of the self-sharpening teeth. Check out their website for more information:

About Gyro-Trac Corporation: Gyro-Trac was born out of meeting an industry need and rising to unforgiving challenges! Brothers Daniel & Guy Gaudreault designed, developed, and built the first motorized rotatory mulcher over 25 years ago for their forestry operations in Western Canada. Gyro-Trac is the undisputed, tree munching master of the woods. From every forestry application to any land clearing need at all, Gyro-Trac simply has the best, single-purpose-built mulching machines available.

Contact Information:

Name: Daniel Gaudreault
Organization: Gyro-Trac Corporation
Address: 10 Flying Cloud Drive Summerville, SC 29483
Phone: (866) 800-3900