Rochester, NY, September 16, 2020 – Global Security Management Group Inc. based in New York, has announced the formed partnerships with Leos Drbohlav and Sheldon Carpenter, two of the most respected names in corporate threat mitigation and training. A spokesman for GSMG said that Leos and Sheldon will enhance their security portfolio and allow them to add several niche security disciplines for their clients.

LEOS DRBOHLAV’s resume includes many force protection/ mitigation proficiencies but is best known for his working dog training and the behavioral observance and modification techniques of these canine assets.

Leos Drbohlav is an internationally renowned canine trainer and instructor with extraordinary ability to detail and the precision to train elite canines for the most demanding jobs and or missions. His expertise is his in-depth understanding and knowledge of genetics associated with the breeding of working canines that are used in the military, law enforcement, and border patrol applications.

Mr. Drbohlav has trained leading experts in this field and is considered an expert in the science of animal behavior. Mr. Drbohlav regularly conducts seminars throughout the United States and Europe for military personnel and law enforcement. He has individually titled fifteen canines of which several were titled at the most demanding level.

The foundation of Mr. Drbohlav’s unique platform, combines modern science with the understanding of training, not only with canines but also their handlers. This stems from his gained experience with law enforcement and military applications. The foundation of his training is the merging of science and solid practice principles.

Leos conducts seminars around the globe for various law enforcement, military, special operations, and government agencies on a regular basis. Leos continues to be one of the most sought after canine subject matter experts in the world, and even further sets himself apart by understanding the importance of training the handlers beyond just their basics needs.

SHELDON CARPENTER is a retired Federal Agent that spent most of his career within U.S. Special Operations community and was later routinely requested by name to augment National- Level Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies. Sheldon’s extensive experiences gathered through years of combat, are supplemented with training and real-world leadership experiences ranging from counterintelligence, source operations, surveillance, executive protectionfamily protectioncanine protection, security advisement, counterterrorism, narco-terrorism, anti-human trafficking, and regional stability advisement, to name a few. After reaching senior-level leadership within Special Operations, he was assigned, numerous times, as the Special Agent in Charge for various entities while operating discreetly around the world and within the United States. He was also selected by the Secret Service for specific operations on occasion.

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