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Spokane, WA, December, 2020 – As time marches on, so is internet usage. Two critical statistics every business owner needs to be aware of are the following:

1) 85% of society is actively online. (Statistia)

2) 81% of consumers research your business online before making a buying decision. (AdWeek)

If your business doesn’t have a strong online presence, one of your competitors will, attracting your buyers to them instead of you. Continuing on without a digital marketing strategy isn’t just bad business, it’s costing you $10,000’s.

So what should you do? 

You’re in luck! Grillo Marketing is here to make sure your business can’t be ignored. But they come with a ground-breaking philosophy.

“The problem I saw over and over again in our early days was that marketing agencies push a one-size-fits-all service”, says Founder Devyn Grillo. “You wouldn’t go to the doctor’s office and let them hand you a prescription before they’ve even diagnosed your symptoms. But yet this is what marketing agencies are doing.” 

Grillo Marketing works differently, they first “diagnose” the exact services your business will most benefit from. Their team then creates a recommended solution that perfectly fits your industry, budget, and goals. Now you finally have a done-for-you marketing strategy you can feel confident is serving your best interest.

As a result of their customized approach, Grillo Marketing boasts a client retention rate that ranks well inside the top 10% of agencies. “I think if you look at how long a client stays with a marketing agency, that will speak volumes about the quality of their experience”, says Devyn Grillo. From Grillo Marketing’s findings, over 70% of marketing agencies are churning through their clients within 60-90 days. Ouch! 

Devyn believes that a large part of the “churn-and-burn” happening in the marketing space comes from poorly set expectations.  “I see a lot of marketing agencies that capitalize on the fantasy to ‘get-rich-quick’”, he says. “But marketing is a big-picture approach to building a business that will thrive for many years to come.” Even Henry Ford once said, “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” Marketing and advertising are an integral part to the long-term success of any business.

These insights being made by the team at Grillo Marketing have earned them a raving client base. If you’re interested in getting a custom digital marketing package, Grillo Marketing offers a wide range of services that you can get started with from their website.

About Grillo MarketingGrillo Marketing was started a little over three years ago from a rented bedroom with $400 and a dream. Devyn Grillo hustled to get the business up and running. Over time, their team has grown and they’ve put their cutting-edge marketing tactics into action for fellow U.S. business owners. Grillo Marketing also continues to support Multiple Sclerosis research by donating a percentage of their monthly profits.

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Name: Devyn Grillo
Organization: Grillo Marketing
Address: Spokane, WA 99004
Phone: (509) 260-8868
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