Gregg Jaden is a creator who lives on the edge of the extreme. The Former C-Level Executive was recently named one of the Top Instagram Photographers. He is a travel adventure photographer who had overcome 2 Near-Death Experiences to create Gregg Jaden Studios. He’s used his survival story and ad agency experience to turn travel and vacations into a growing business. To join the conversation visit or follow @greggjaden_ on Instagram.


Manhattan Beach, CA- May 20, 2020— Gregg Jaden is an artist who understands how to photograph the extreme. With an array of Sony cameras at his disposal, he captures moments of beauty in its most breathtaking form. He himself is no stranger to stolen moments. Having overcome 2 Near-Death Experiences, the first NDE was forced to heal for almost 3 years before propelling him and his camera gear to Hang Son Doong, the World’s Largest Cave. He and his lens have an appreciation for the living. It’s why the former C-Level Executive was recently named Sony Alpha Universe”s Top Travel/Adventure Photographer to follow on Instagram. The photograph is an aerial shot, captured just above the top of Mount Bromo in Indonesia.

“I literally thought I was going to die, twice! First a car crash then an emergency neck surgery, as a result of the same crash, was a catalyst for a major life redesign. Obsessed with my new life I never take any moment for granted. The feeling of being cross-eyed exhausted fades away as I travel off the grid to photograph some of the most amazing places on earth that really can’t be put into words.” Jaden writes.

Demonstrating his desire for contribution on helping our planet, Gregg understands what it takes to capture raw beauty in the wild. He does this by partnering with mission-based Brands and charities such as @LonelyWhale, the Anthony Robbins Foundation and various non-profit environmental disaster relief organizations. He has the patience to wade through the chaos of hundreds of still moments for a singular, insular image that portrays the visual story. Much like his first NDE, when the physical demands of his own recovery, opened the door for a new opportunity of creative expression.

“I have no rear view mirror and always look ahead. I want to continue to help and inspire people to live their lives to the fullest. Utilizing my digital ad agency background I pitch wildly adventurous concepts to Brands while delivering simplified converting campaigns. I always keep it simple. Having a deep understanding of what happens when we die gives me tremendous peace and clarity I utilize when strategizing with Brands. I use this energy to guide me to the places I photograph and film while sharing these experiences with the world” says Jaden

Today, he and his team at Gregg Jaden Studios use their gear and expertise to help small and major Brands with engaging experiences. He’s worked with Disney, Cricket Wireless, G-Technology, SONY, Lowepro, HOYA USA, Universal Music, Universal Studios among other major brands. Gregg Jaden Studios are more than Top Travel Photographers, they are fresh, transformative filmmakers generating ideas for Brands. From concept to creation, they invite their clients to recreate their Brand image through a more primal photographic presence. Step into the conversation with one of the prominent Los Angeles Filmmakers. Visit and follow @greggjaden_ on Instagram.

About Gregg Jaden Studios: Gregg Jaden Studios is a team of photographic professionals and social media influencers lead by former Ad-Executive, Gregg Jaden. They design, capture, and create, visual ad campaigns for small and large brands.

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Contact Name: Gregg Jaden
Organization: Gregg Jaden Studios
Address: 1600 Rosecrans, Suite 400, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Phone number: (310)749-0200
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