Marc Cross is an expert aerial yoga instructor and founder of Hangout Yoga London. Gravotonics Yoga has partnered with Cross to create an hour-long aerial yoga session to guide aerial yoga enthusiasts and aspiring yogis. The video is set in a peaceful studio with beginner poses that teach how to use the popular Gravotonics Yoga Swing. Learn more here.


Denpasar, Bali, 2 May 2022 — Aerial yoga’s popularity has risen over the past decade, but one of the common questions regarding this practice is whether it’s hard. Some people view aerial yoga as more challenging because, unlike traditional yoga, yogi’s have no ground to fall back to. In a bid to help beginner and experienced yogis understand aerial yoga, Gravotonics Yoga has released an hour-long video with expert guidance and plenty of bonus tips and information included.

This aerial yoga video is a partnership between the world-leading Bali yoga swings manufacturer and Marc Cross, an expert aerial yoga instructor and founder of Hangout Yoga in London. Set in a peaceful studio and featuring beginner poses, the hour-long session will help aspiring and experienced yogis add more skills and enjoy more benefits from their yoga practice. 

‘Marc is a renowned aerial yoga instructor based in London, and we are delighted to work with him to educate our customers on the best practices and benefits of aerial yoga. In this hour-long video, viewers will learn beginner asana on the Gravotonics Yoga Swing through demonstrations and verbal instructions. The video is set in a peaceful and fully equipped yoga studio in London to provide easy trapeze instructions that yogis can practice at home yoga workouts,” said Paul Jenkin, Gravotonics Yoga Owner.

A yoga swing video with clear demonstrations of poses is perfectly suitable to teach beginners the aerial yoga practice. Yoga swings are famous today, known for improving body flexibility and strength. Different people refer to them by varying names, including yoga trapeze, antigravity yoga sling, aerial hammocks, and aerial yoga swings. Some of the notable benefits of using yoga swings include:

  • Improving body alignment during asana
  • Building strength and boosting flexibility
  • Releasing daily mental stress and physical tension
  • Correcting body posture
  • Help in mastering the backbend
  • Opening the solar plexus and unlocking the hips

At a time when most people want to avoid crowds and practice their training at home, this aerial yoga online class is timely and will help learners enjoy quiet yoga sessions at home. The video is downloadable for learners to refer to the training during their daily sessions until they master the poses and stretches.

Gravotonics Yoga is dedicated to elevating home yoga practices for yogis with its yoga swings and aerial hammocks. These yoga swings are high quality and versatile, with strong fittings and 100% nylon parachute fabric, and have a 10-year warranty. Moreover, these products are affordable and shipped worldwide.

About Gravotonics: Gravotonics Yoga is a family-owned company based in Bali, Indonesia, specializing in aerial yoga products and aerial fitness workout equipment. Its products are handmade, created to last long and trusted by some of the biggest fitness brands and yoga studios around the world. The company also offers training workshops and yoga retreats in the yoga-famous province of Bali.

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