Innovative women’s laptop bags with superior back support and stylish interchangeable prints are being given to breast cancer patients with every backpack purchase 


San Francisco, CA, October 17, 2023 – GraceTech, a woman-owned work and travel bag business, announces a special edition Pink Dahlia print and new “Pay it Forward” program to support breast cancer patients during Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. GraceTech’s innovative laptop backpacks are designed to fit a female body and provide more comfort for breast cancer patients, along with featuring beautiful interchangeable prints found in nature. 

For every backpack purchased during Breast Cancer Awareness month in October (promotion includes all prints), GraceTech will donate a backpack to a breast cancer patient.  

“We hope this program will raise awareness of the need to support working women with breast cancer. About half of the nearly 300,000 new cases of breast cancer expected in 2023 will be in women under the age of 62 years old,” said Erika Graffeo, Founder of GraceTech. “I wanted to create something beautiful for women with breast cancer who are often bringing laptops, books, water bottles, and other heavy objects to their chemotherapy appointments as well as the office. My hope is that this bag brings them joy while also providing a better fit and more support because of its ergonomic design.”  

GraceTech’s laptop bags combine aesthetics, functionality, and versatility. They are soft to the touch, yet sturdy enough to withstand the daily grind, and they have a unique cut for superior comfort. Breast cancer patients who have undergone surgery can benefit from the slim padded, curved shoulder straps which are less bulky than other backpacks on the market. They also boast an ingenious feature: interchangeable prints. With a quick zip, women can change the look of their bag to suit their mood, the season, or their individual style.  

“I love the comfort of my backpack,” said metastatic breast cancer patient, Marybeth Gilliam. “Every three weeks, I use my bag when I go to chemotherapy, but I’ve also used it to travel to tradeshows in Europe and breast cancer research conferences in the United States. It has excellent features like easy phone access, a light-colored interior so I can find things, and the ability to slide it onto a roller bag for hands-free travel. It is incredibly well-designed.” 

Research has shown promising overall health and well-being effects associated with nature. GraceTech’s nature-inspired prints are designed to spark joy. Dahlia’s large, brilliant flowers are in full bloom in October. We hope this print reminds women of their early fall gardens and helps reduce the anxiety and stress experienced by breast cancer patients.  

For more information and to explore the range of GraceTech laptop backpacks, visit GraceTech’s website now.  

About GraceTech:

GraceTech, a woman-owned work and travel bag business based in San Francisco, is revolutionizing women’s laptop bags. Its innovative laptop backpacks feature interchangeable prints, allowing women to express themselves and transform their work and travel bags instantly. GraceTech is committed to supporting causes and continuously offers new prints to keep women stylish and inspired. Explore all the print now at GraceTech’s website. 

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Erika Graffeo


San Francisco, CA