Playa Del Rey, CA, June 25, 2020 – While watching coverage of the global health crisis, goodr CEO Carl the Flamingo noticed two things: 1) Many frontline workers had little to no eye protection, with some eyewear leaving uncomfortable marks. And 2) his piña colada was empty. The goodr team promptly realized they could help (not with the piña colada, with the other thing).

While not official PPE, goodr sells FDA-approved sunglasses with clear/low light lenses that speak to the four F’s — fun, functional, fashionable, and ‘ffordable. Most notably, they do not slip or bounce. (Seriously, try to shake them off. You’ll get a headache first). Originally created as running sunglasses, they’re now enjoyed by all types of people, including a few animals who think they’re people. Check out their new golf sunglasses to keep your eyes fresh on the links all day long.

The Brand Managers reached out to the Flamboyance, a term meaning “flock of flamingos” and “goodr ambassador community broken into four verticals: Run, Bike, Golf and Beast (CrossFit/OCR athletes).” Always willing to help, these enthusiastic individuals strongly responded to the initiative. goodr also connected with local organizations, Los Angeles County, and the City of Inglewood, where the goodr Lagoon (aka HQ) is based.

Since the start of the New World Order (a term goodr’s human CEO Stephen Lease uses to refer to the crisis’s impact), the company has given more than 1,500 units of sunglasses to frontline healthcare workers, first responders, police, military, EMTs, and firemen in 15 states across America.

Specifically, the company donated two styles: “You Don’t Look Like Buddy Holly. At All,” a classic black frame with clear lenses from the OG line, and “Jorts for Your Face,” a denim blue frame with clear lenses from the Super Fly line (with lighter frames and wider lenses for more coverage). Both sunnies can be converted to prescription eyewear through an ophthamopple…optimma…tomma… eye doctor.

“We were looking to see what we, as a small business, could do to help,” says Derick Gallagos, goodr’s Partnership Architect. “We’re a connecting company, and take pride in making one-on-one connections with businesses and communities.”

If you’re reading this and know a community in need of eye protection, reach out to [email protected] and everyone on the goodr squad (except Carl, he’s more of a figurehead than someone who actually gets anything done) will do their best to help you out. (He filled his piña colada himself, btw, in case you were wondering.)

About goodr:

Our Mission: We are recklessly committed to fun and blah blah blah…sunglasses. Badass performance sunnies that speak to the 4 Fs: Fun, Fashionable, Functional, and ‘Ffordable. No Slip. No Bounce. All Polarized. All Fun. @goodr |

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