The increasing number of clients, particularly in the small and medium-sized market segments, indicates Goodera’s growing popularity as a powerful virtual volunteering platform.


Menlo Park, USA – November 18, 2021: Goodera, a global leader in corporate virtual volunteering, has announced the addition of more than 100 new clients between January and November of 2021. This drives the total number of eligible users of Goodera’s virtual volunteering platform to more than 5M+, with a significant part of these numbers being contributed by employees from small and medium-sized businesses.

Mimecast, Sthree, Quizlet, and Sitecore are just a few of the organizations that partnered with Goodera this year to drive ambitious giving programs that hinge on virtual volunteering and actively involve employees, interns, partners, customers, and communities. Goodera’s community of corporate clients also boasts 50+ Fortune 500 companies, who use its virtual volunteering offering to build giving programs that amplify employee engagement around relevant social causes.

Goodera’s global clients now span 7 sectors – manufacturing, pharma, business services, software and technology, financial services, media and entertainment, and retail.

“Virtual volunteering has helped us achieve our corporate volunteering goals by giving employees curated experiences that are relevant to our mission. We encourage our employees to give back to society and Goodera easily facilitates this. It is important to value employee engagement and virtual volunteering serves both employees and the collective’” says Bryan Gilmore, People Operations Specialist at Quizlet, a company that creates and designs tools used for studying and learning.  

“Goodera makes it so simple to get employees to volunteer. They take care of all the logistics and get the current content delivered directly to nonprofits that benefit the most.”

Supported by the expanding client base, Goodera also recorded a marked increase in the number of volunteer hours in 2021. In this period, audiobook recording, flashcard creation, and sign language workshops also emerged as the most sought-after Goodera-hosted volunteering events of 2021.

“Team building is where we learned recently. The benefits of our partnership with Goodera have been about making it as easy as possible for our managers,” said Marissa O’Rourke, Program Manager on the Global Impact team at ServiceNow, during a webinar hosted by Goodera on Reimagining week of service for the hybrid workforce. “We’ve offered our managers a wide variety of ways to engage their employees, giving them the ability to self-serve and book those opportunities.”

The flexibility and diversity of volunteering opportunities offered by Goodera is one major reason why more companies are turning to Goodera to engage their employees. The highest volunteer participation has been recorded in the U.S., Ireland, and the U.K., with education, racial equality, and inclusion arising as the most popular cause areas.

“This generation of employees is driven by a sense of social purpose at work. They’ve either witnessed or experienced the repercussions of the biggest social justice issues of our times, and want their employers to help them contribute towards fixing these issues,” says Abhishek Humbad,

Founder and CEO of Goodera. “More and more businesses – both big and small – have realized that volunteering is here to stay. At Goodera, we’re happy to support this mindset shift and offer flexible, diverse volunteering options that work for every employee who is passionate about volunteering.”

About Goodera: Goodera is an employee volunteering, CSR, and ESG management company that enables corporations, foundations, governments, nonprofits, and employees across 90+ countries. Goodera empowers companies to provide engaging and impactful virtual volunteering experiences to their employees globally and achieve volunteering goals.

Through curated volunteering opportunities, end-to-end program management, and impact measurement, Goodera offers a seamless volunteering experience. Goodera enables non-profits to create a sustainable impact by raising money, increasing visibility, and building long-term volunteers for causes they support.

Goodera is currently deployed at 200 companies – including Target, Gap, Dell, and Amazon. Managing over $500 million in CSR capital, the Goodera platform is used by corporates to collect and aggregate data from internal and third-party sources. Goodera is co-headquartered in Menlo Park, CA, and Bangalore, India. For more details, please visit

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