To cater to the increase in the demand for volunteering opportunities in native languages, Goodera facilitates multi-language volunteering through its community of experienced global hosts, also known as ambassadors.


Menlo Park, USA – November 01, 2021 – Goodera, the leading global provider of virtual volunteering experiences, has announced the addition of a new set of languages to its virtual volunteering offering. This decision comes as a direct response to the increased demand for volunteering opportunities in languages other than English, from Goodera’s expanding customer base. Goodera’s customers can now choose to engage their employees through events in 12 different languages.

English, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, Italian, French, Malay, Korean, and Filipino are among the languages in which Goodera offers volunteering opportunities. The availability of volunteering events in native languages has been well-received by Goodera’s corporate clients, who can now engage their employees across multiple office locations via a single platform.

The driving force behind Goodera’s multilingual virtual volunteering offering is its team of event hosts, referred to as ‘ambassadors’ at Goodera. The team includes a veteran, theatre professionals, language trainers, podcasters, freelance stage anchors, students, and people from other diverse backgrounds. This diversity translates into contagious enthusiasm that helps Goodera deliver a more immersive volunteering experience.

“Having Goodera as a virtual volunteering platform and partner allowed us to provide relevant, culturally specific volunteering opportunities in communities outside of the United States,” says Monica Garrett, Director of Community Relations at LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, during a webinar hosted by Goodera on Reimagining week of service for the hybrid workforce. “We have a workforce distributed across many countries, so when we were able to connect those offices with Goodera and have volunteering projects executed in languages other than English, that was extremely valuable for our teams. Being able to help charities in those countries has enabled us to increase the number of volunteers.”

Goodera collaborates with nonprofits in specific geographies and curates volunteering opportunities that the employee volunteers care about. The ability to work with local nonprofits in their native languages becomes very important in this aspect, as it also defines the flexibility of volunteering programs.

To ensure that the high demand for volunteering languages is met and sustained, Goodera is expanding its team of ambassadors. Well-versed in the languages they handle, ambassadors play a vital role in ensuring that employees are engaged meaningfully in the virtual volunteering experience, regardless of the language they choose to volunteer in.

“Over the last few months, we’ve had more customers join our volunteering community, driven by a desire to give. A lot of these companies have their offices distributed globally,” says Abhishek Humbad, founder and CEO of Goodera. “The addition to our suite of volunteering languages is aimed at ensuring that every single customer in the Goodera family has an option to volunteer in the language that they are comfortable with.”

The number of companies turning to volunteer is increasing at a fast pace. Goodera has expedited the hiring of more experienced multilingual global ambassadors to ensure that it can cater to the diverse interests of its customers. Currently, the total number of Goodera ambassadors stands at 30. This figure is expected to grow by the end of 2021.

About Goodera: Goodera is an employee volunteering, CSR, and ESG management company that enables corporations, foundations, governments, nonprofits, and employees across 90+ countries. Goodera empowers companies to provide engaging and impactful virtual volunteering experiences to their employees globally and achieve volunteering goals.

Through curated volunteering opportunities, end-to-end program management, and impact measurement, Goodera offers a seamless volunteering experience. Goodera enables non-profits to create a sustainable impact by raising money, increasing visibility, and building long-term volunteers for causes they support.

Goodera is currently deployed at 200 companies – including Target, Gap, Dell, and Amazon. Managing over $500 million in CSR capital, the Goodera platform is used by corporates to collect and aggregate data from internal and third-party sources. Goodera is co-headquartered in Menlo Park, CA, and Bangalore, India. For more details, please visit

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