The booming online platform aims at making the sale and purchase of horses easier through third-party and gold buckle-certified live auctions. Buyers can place their bids through the website on a desktop, phone, or the Gold Buckle Horse Sale app. For more information, click here.


Utah, US, November 22, 2021– The internet is a powerful tool when utilized in the right way, and corporations and small businesses alike are embracing it to drive their sales. Today people can buy or sell anything online provided they follow the proper channels. Trading horses has proven to be one thing that can utilize the internet, and Gold Buckle Horse Sale is here to make it happen.

The Utah- based company has launched a platform where buyers and sellers can conduct their trade remotely and get what they are looking for. The Gold Buckle Horse Sale offers horse auctions, online bidding, and live streaming connecting buyers and sellers. The platform collaborates with veterinarians and other horse sale professionals to ensure that all the horses are fit for sale and that every buyer and seller receives professional services.

“Gold Buckle Horse Sale will change the way you buy and sell the best horses in the country. We know how hard you work to make your sale professional and great for everyone, and we promise to walk with you every step until the last lot is sold. Our live auction streaming app is the first of its kind, allowing buyers to bid online and bring your sale numbers up,” explained Troy Goeckeritz, the CEO and founder of Gold Buckle Horse Sale. 

Internet sales need precision and proof of value for the buyer’s money. Gold Buckle Horse Sale conducts two kinds of auctions. The first one is collaborating with third parties who want to auction their horses through the platform. The second auction is the firm’s certified auction, where buyers can bid for vet-checked horses that meet industry standards. 

The online platform will follow a unique process in its horse sales to ensure the sale proceeds professionally, and all parties are satisfied. This process entails the following steps:

  • Pre-screening of every horse by Gold Buckle Pros
  • Veterinary checks by a certified vet, including X-rays for all four feet of each horse. Bidders can download the X-rays to get an unbiased opinion from another vet.
  • Gold Buckle professional meets the consignor to preview the horse before the sale. Both the pro and the consignor will ride the horse and record every catch, saddle, pick in a video to give the bidder a first impression. 

Gold Buckle Horse Sale is a complete online horse consignment platform, meeting all sale requirements such as veterinary checks, shipping, and insurance. Bidders can access market catalogs with consignor videos and horse details. They can also live stream the auction with up to four camera angles to preview the horses.

Furthermore, bidders can place their bids through multiple devices such as a desktop and a mobile phone or use the Gold Buckle Horse Sale App.

About Gold Buckle Horse Sale

Gold Buckle Horse Sale is an online platform that brings together horse sellers and buyers. Sellers get a ready market for their horses while the buyers can bid on a variety of horses. The Utah-based firm conducts third-party horse live auctions as well as their gold buckle certified auctions. Buyers watch the live auctions and place their bids online.

Contact Information

Name: Troy Goeckeritz
Organization: Gold Buckle Horse Sale 
Address: Utah
Phone: (801) 722-5098