Going beyond your Chevy dealer: why travel farther to find the perfect car

A car is a big investment. You want to find the perfect car. Yet all too often, consumers only ever look in their local area. This is a big mistake. Your dream car could be sitting in a car lot in a small town. If you have never looked, and got another car, you may miss out on your perfect car. We’re here to fill you in on buying a car long distance from an auto dealer that might be just a short drive from you.

You Can Save a Lot of Cash If You Look Further Afield

If you live in Salem and looking for a Chevrolet, your eyes may be drawn to Salem Chevy first. This is natural, but not necessarily the best choice. Dealerships offer new and used cars at different prices depending on a whole range of criteria. The same car can be $500 cheaper at one dealership an hour away, than at your local shop. If you buy the cheaper option, you’ve effectively just made $500 from just driving two hours. That’s not a bad deal in anyone’s book.

Looking at More Dealerships Offers You Greater Choice

If you live in a rural area, you probably don’t have a big range of used cars available locally. Some models might take months to be delivered, others might not be available at all. Long distance car buying removes this disadvantage. This customer couldn’t buy a Stingray locally, so flew over 700 miles to secure a great deal. This is an extreme case of course. But often you can find the perfect car within just 100 miles of you, if you’re willing to look!

You Can Use Long Distance Quotes Against the Local Dealership

If you’re considering buying a car far away, take the quote to your local dealer. If you tell the local dealership that you’re willing to travel for a better deal, they could drop their list price.
It’s not a certainty by any means, but it gives you an edge in haggling. If they won’t budge, then head out to that other long-distance dealership.

Next Steps If You Find the Perfect Car

If you find the perfect car at a dealership that’s a long distance away, be prepared before you leave. Do your research, just as you would when buying any other car.

It’s worth getting the price in writing and getting confirmation that the car is still available before you leave. It doesn’t get much worse than traveling a long way for no result. Wasted time and wasted money on gas.

You should also be aware that your trade-in value will likely be determined upon arrival. If they low ball you, consider other trade-in options for your old car. It may be wise to have someone travel with you, who can drive the old car back if necessary.

Final Thoughts

Are you hoping to find the perfect car? Look at our used and new models. If you’ve got any questions, get in touch with us. Newberg Chevrolet serves car buyers in the regions of PortlandBeaverton, Wilsonville, Salem, Gladstone, Canby, Sherwood, Woodburn, McMinnville, Gresham, Happy Valley, Clackamas and Hillsboro.